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Dec '11 27

Prospects in 2011 – Max Kepler-Rozycki – Elizabethton Twins

We are taking a look back at the 2011 season in the Minor Leagues for our European prospects.

Max Kepler-Rozycki

Birth Date: 02/10/1993 in Berlin, Germany
Throws/Bats: Left/Left
Organization: Minnesota Twins
Position: Outfield

2011 Season: The 18-year-old German outfielder Max Kepler-Rozycki continued to fulfill the high expectations in 2011, batting .262/.347/.366 in 50 games for the Elizabethton Twins in the Appalachian League, leaving the Gulf Coast League after just one season. He hit his first homerun in professional baseball, tripled three times and collected 11 doubles, 29 runs and 24 RBI. He played mostly in left field, but also saw action in the rest of the outfield and at first base.
Career Stats: 87 GP, 374 PA, 331 AB, 44 R, 1 HR, 35 RBI, 36 BB, 81 SO, AVG .272, OBP .347, SLG .356
Highest Level: Rookie (Appalachian League 2011)
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