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Apr '18 05

Italy announces Roster for European Pro Series

Italy has announced its roster for the upcoming European Pro Series. The Pro Series is organized by the World Baseball Softball Confederation and features the USSSA Pride squad, which will travel to Europe to play against teams from the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Italy. The USSSA Pride is scheduled to arrive in Italy on April 24.

Italy Roster vs USSSA Pride:

Last Name Given Name # POS B T Date of birth Club (parent/loan)
1 Bortolomai Valeria 17 C R R 12/03/1989 Bussolengo
2 Brandi Priscilla 28 I R R 02/01/1993 Cali Roma/Pianoro
3 Cacciamani Ilaria 7 P R R 18/03/1994 Forlì
4 Cecchetti Greta 18 P R R 24/03/1989 Bollate
5 Cecchetti Lara 11 I R R 19/03/1993 Bollate
6 Chiesa Elena 12 C R R 07/07/1993 Crocetta/Collecchio
7 Collina Ambra 9 I L L 17/08/1987 Bussolengo
8 Comar Veronica 2 P R R 05/09/1995 Staranzano/Bussolengo
9 Gasparotto Marta 19 I R R 26/11/1996 Staranzano/Bussolengo
10 Longhi Giulia 14 I R R 17/01/1993 Cali Roma/Bussolengo
11 Marrone Fabrizia 4 O L L 10/10/1996 Bussolengo
12 Nicolini Alice 5 P R L 02/08/1995 Saronno
13 Refrontolotto Silvia 16 O R R 10/01/1990 Dynos Verona/Bussolengo
14 Ricchi Beatrice 23 O R R 16/10/1993 Forlì
15 Ronchetti Alice 1 P R R 27/04/1991 Milano ’46/Pianoro
16 Rotondo Alessandra 3 C/I L R 04/02/2000 Saronno
17 Vigna Laura 21 O L L 24/01/1999 La Loggia/Bussolengo
Last Name: Given Name: Position:
1 Obletter Enrico Manager
2 Pizzolini Federico Coach
3 Soldi Roberta Coach

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