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Nov '07 15

Announcement: Mister Baseballs European TOP 50 Rankings

After weeks of analyzing all European Leagues, CEB-Tournaments and Championships in 2007 we have finished our
This is our first crack at such ranking and we would like to establish them as an annual feature.We do know that these kind of rankings can never be absolutely accurate and objective, but we tried to put a lot of work and data into the Mister Baseball European TOP 50 Rankings. For example, you will notice that some teams from Italy may not have fared as high as expected. Of course, Italy historically boasts one of the two strongest leagues in Europe. This is down to a number of factors, including the country’s performance at the 2007 Euros and its teams’ relative lack of participation (and, thus, success) in CEB-events — one of the few venues in which European club teams actually square off. These factors — and others — impacted point totals in some of the seven categories that were considered.
Clearly, we are definitely open to comments on ways to make these rankings better.

If you would like to discuss these rankings please go to our discussion board/forum: http://www.mister-baseball.com/forum
Here are the Rankings: http://www.mister-baseball.com/mister-baseballs-european-top-50

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