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Sep '10 06

Winter League Club Orkas BBC planning Tryout Camps in Europe

Orkas BBC Comments Off on Winter League Club Orkas BBC planning Tryout Camps in Europe

Press Release Orkas BBC, www.orkasbbc.com

Try-out camps 2010 chasing the Dream!

The Orkas BBC are a team that will offer players a try to a professional baseball career. They will play in the Venezuela winter competition Liga Tradicional de Carora. This league runs after the big competition in the winter period. This competition is the AA and AAA level of the Liga Venezolana de Beisbol Profesional (LVBP); here is where you can see some big Venezuelan players play after the LVBP competition is done. The Liga Traditional de Carora Winter League is a professional instructional baseball league that is set to play its 60th season, once again headquartered in Lara State (Carora), from January to March 2011. Our coaching staff will tour around some countries looking for good players to complete the European team to play. Our main goal: Provide professional baseball players a winter instructional league to be able to compete for pro jobs during spring training, or for those currently under contract to sharpen their skills and be a step ahead of other wintering players. Countries: The idea is to have 6-7 players of each country. We are expecting to scout at least 25 players in Europe; those players together with 10 Venezuelan players are going to be our main goal to complete a 35 man roster. These countries have proven to provide the best baseball level in Europe. Therefore they are chosen to scout for talent.

Holland Belgium Czech Republic France Germany Italy Spain

A 3-day tryout camp is going to be organized in multiple countries near you, this will proved the scouts with enough time to select good players. The Tryout Tour will take off in September. Contrary to standard tryouts that last only a few hours and see players dismissed after making a few throws and being timed running, the pro baseball tryout camps will be held over a 3 day period and have players being evaluated both in workouts along with DAILY game action. The Orkas staff wants all players to be assessed relative to their position, by taking part in infield and outfield drills in a daily routine of workouts. In addition, all positional players will be timed running the 60 yd. dash twice during the course of the week. Pitchers will throw in games 2-3 times during the week. The scouts will fill out a PERSONAL evaluation card for EACH player and give them the opportunity to discuss their performance at the end of the week. Our scouts are strong believers in games being an excellent evaluative tool. Hitters will face LIVE PITCHING and as a result of the length of the tryout will receive plenty of at bats to demonstrate their abilities. Consequently, pitchers will be afforded the same opportunity by facing live hitters over the course of 2-3 games. What we would like to stress is that, these camps will give EVERYONE a FAIR opportunity to display their baseball skills. You will not be evaluated in one day, but rather over the course of a 3 DAY period Due to our desire to provide a complete and thorough evaluation by giving players a lot of exposure and playing time, we will be limiting the number of applicants.

Additional information: The fee for the complete package includes 3 meals per day, hotel, and transportation to and from the field from the hotel. Having your own accommodations and not in the hotel will reduce the costs. Air travel is not included in this fee, neither is transportation to and from the hotel from the airport. If you would like to be picked up from the airport and take you back to the airport on your departure date, there will be an additional fee. All players are welcome, the only requirement being the ability and desire to play. Due to our desire to provide a complete and thorough evaluation by giving players a lot of exposure and playing time, we will be limiting the number of applicants.

The Orkas BBC is approved and supported by the Venezuelan Baseball Federation.

Coaches are welcome to be part of this dream, bringing back home all experienced and pumping up the Baseball in Europe

Hosting a tryout camp we give local organizations the opportunity to host this nationwide camps for their country. They will be working alongside the Orkas in organizing this event. With hosting this event your organization will get huge international exposure.

More information If you are interested in hosting the event, wanting to receive tryout costs or just more information, please visit one of the sites or contact Hans Karpf Betancourt , Head of international affairs at:

Hans Karpf Betancourt
Orkas BBC (Germany)
Berliner-Ring 18
67547 Worms-Germany
Pho: **49(0) 6241-5026782
Mob:**49(0) 1763-5704893
Mail: karpf@orkasbbc.com


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