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Sep '16 06

Vice Sports with long Interview with Max Kepler

Vice Sports did a long interview with German Major Leaguer Max Kepler. Visit www.sports.vice.com to check it out.
Do you think it’s funny the Kepler spacecraft launched the same year you signed with the Twins?

It’s a crazy coincidence. People ask me if I am related to Johannes Kepler. I wish I could say yes, but I doubt it. It is cool, though, and I hope they do a lot more discovery out there.

So you’ve kept up, like when they’re reveal they’ve “found a thousand new exoplanets.”

I’ve read articles, which unfortunately I don’t remember much of because they’re so in depth and I haven’t really studied much astronomy.

So you can’t regurgitate Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion?

[Laughs.] No. I’m going to look it up though because it does make me curious.

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