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Mar '08 20

Transactions in Spanish Honor Division

by Jorge Mikeleiz

The past few weeks we reported several transactions in the Spanish Baseball League. Today we’re providing an overview. The Honor Division features reduced the field from twelve teams to nine due to a fusion, relegation and a disqualification because of surface regulations. The season opens on March 30th. They are playing a double round robin with doubleheaders at each game day and without playoffs. The championship trophy receives the first place finisher.

CB Sant Boi:

New: Flores Bolívar (Manager), Albert Vargas (RHP), Fernando Quijada (RHP), Yoel Hernández (RHP), Jose Luis Riera (INF), Jose Cruz (OF), Rafael Rivas (INF), Milko Jaramillo (INF)
Gone: Antonio Sarduy (Manager), Xavier Civit (RHP), Alberto Magallon (RHP), Ivan Granados (LHP), Jehan G. Machado (OF)

San Inazio Bilbao:
New: Pedro P. Belmonte (RHP), Kelvin Marianucci (OF), Dirimo Chávez (INF)
Gone: Pedro Méndez (OF), Jhonny Carvajal (INF), Luis Salazar (RHP), Danny Morales (RHP), Nelson Escalona (C)

El Llano:
New: Pedro Méndez (OF), Fidel Torres (RHP)
Gone: Aslen LLanes (INF), Asnel Llanes (INF)

CB Viladecans:
New: Alberto Magallon (RHP), Yulman Ribeiro (RHP), Jehan G. Machado (OF), Edgar Hernández (C), Abel Jiménez (OF)
Gone: Rotsen Gil (C), Marcos Castillo (RHP)

CD Pamplona:
New: Patrice Briones (LHP), Alexis Fumero (RHP), Carlos León (LHP), Daniel Celaya (RHP), Enero Del Burgo (RHP), Aritz Leiva (RHP), Daniel Erice (C), Patxi Arnal (OF), Ibon Arevalo (INF), Daniel Sanchez (OF), Juan Fernandez (Pitching Coach)
Gone: Ricardo Gonzalez (RHP), Ronett Cedeño (INF), Boris Trista (INF), Javier Gorraiz, Alberto Aristu (INF/OF)

Marlins Puerto Cruz:
New: Ivan Granados (LHP), Audie Nuñez (RHP), Ricardo Rodríguez (DH)
Gone: Yoel Hernández (RHP), Fernando Gutiérrez (RHP), Pedro P. Belmonte (RHP), Jose Luis Riera (INF), Jose Cruz (OF)

FC Barcelona:
New: Aldo Tarife (Manager), Andoni Ortiz (RHP), Jorge Balboa (RHP), Jesús Golindano (INF), Gil Kim (INF)
Gone: Lorenzo García (Manager), Fidel Torres (RHP), Gaspard Fessy (OF), Gustavo Almonte (C), Juan García (OF)

Beisbol Navarra (Fusion of CD Arga, CD Irabia, CD Amaya):
New: Miguel Erroz (Manager), Enrique Lusar (Coach), Patxi Mezquiriz (Coach), Raúl Arista (C), Gorka Anduela (C), Oscar Chocarro (OF), David Erice (INF), Alberto Español (RHP/OF), Miguel Lasa (INF), Juan Latienda (INF), Jaime Miro (RHP/OF), Arkaitz Ordoki (INF), Sergio Sousa (Utility), Luis Villanueva (OF), Javier Zabalza (INF), Iñaki Alfonso (OF), Pablo Abadías (INF), Víctor Martínez (INF), Diego Pérez (RHP), Aritz García (INF), Juan López (LHP), German Arroyo (RHP)

Astros Valencia:
Nothing reported yet.

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