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Feb '09 05

Transactions in French Elite League until January 31st

Until January 31st Baseball players in France had time to change clubs within the country. The fine guys of the ROUEN HUSKIES web team summarized the transactions of the Elite League so far in another great media guide. Obviously teams still can recruit players for 2009, which weren’t licensed in France last season.

Transactions Overview French Elite League:

Rouen Huskies

New: Sebastian Grimaud (Savigny), Jean Philippe Miet, Robin Roy (both no team in 2008), Aldo Ramelet (Clermont-Ferrand)
Gone: Romain David (retired), Randy Perez (Pamplona, Spain), Jean Baptiste Couton (Montigny), Laurent Aoutin (Chartres)

Templiers Senart

New: Thomas Vesque (Boé), Stephane Lesfargues (unknown)
Gone: Manager Didier Seminet, Gaspard Fessy (Toulouse), Sylvain Hervieux (St. Germain), Anthony Meurant (unknown, possible St. Just St. Rambert), Benjamin Deruelle (Paris UC), Sebastien Herve, Lahence Benhamida (both possible Grand-Motte), Ewan Blesoff (USA), Jean-Baptiste Breton (Olivet)

Savigny Lions

New: Christophe Goniot, Amin Touarhi, Christophe Morel (all three Thiais), Remy Lejeune
Gone: Nicolas Launay (Montigny), Sebastien Grimaud (Rouen), Nolan Rouse (possible California)

Montpellier Barracudas

New: Geoffray Moschetti (Toulon), Matthew Blackmore (Australia), Simon Vicente (Beaucaire)
Gone: Anthony Cros (Northwestern Oklahoma State)

Stade Toulouse

New: Gaspard Fessy (Senart), Joris Navarro (Beaucaire)
Gone: Quentin Pourcel (Boé)

Arvernes Clermont-Ferrand

New: Daniel Hayes (Mainz Athletics), Dale Brewer (Skokani Olomouc), Remi Pellet, Bruno Gaillard, Aurelien Dalibard, Jean-Christophe Joly (all four St. Priest)
Gone: Brett Murray, Doug Grant (both return to Canada), Aldo Ramelet (Rouen)

La Guerche Hawks

New: Jonathan Weaver (USA), pitcher from Quebec and American player-coach in discussion
Gone: Ludovic Clairet (Paris UC), player-coach Mathieu Beauchamp (returns to Quebec)

Montigny Cougars

New: Nicolas Launay (Savigny), Jean Baptiste Couton (Rouen), possible Martin Johnson (St. Jerome, Quebec)

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