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Dec '09 23

Tickets on Sale for 2010 European Championship; Schedule approved by CEB

Baseball_EMThe ticket sale for the 2010 European Championships in Stuttgart, Heidenheim and Neuenburg, Germany has started. You can buy tickets for all 43 games of the tournament via www.ticketmaster.de. The event will be held from July 23rd to August 1st. The highlight of the pre-sale is probably a limited edition (quantity 300) of the all-tournament pass, which allows you to visit each game on each site for a total amount of €150. Prices for single game day tickets range between €8 and €25. The capacities for the three sites are set with 5,000 at the Ballpark Stuttgart, 3,000 at the Heidekoepfe-Ballpark in Heidenheim and 1,000 at the Atomics Baseball-Park in Neuenburg.

On Tuesday the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) had approved the by the organizing committee submitted schedule. During the preliminary phase Stuttgart will host three games each day at 10.30am, 2.30pm and 7pm. In Heidenheim there will be two games each day at 1pm and 6pm. One game will be played in Neuenburg at 5pm. Classification games and the final round will be played in Stuttgart and Heidenheim, the championship game will be held in Stuttgart. Highlights during the first round probably will be Spain against Italy on July 23 in Stuttgart and Germany versus the Netherlands on July 26 in Heidenheim.

Schedule 2010 European Championships:

Date Gametime Home Visitor Venue
23.07.2010 FRI 10:30 CRO GBR Stuttgart
23.07.2010 FRI 13:00 SWE GRE Heidenheim
23.07.2010 FRI 14:30 ITA ESP Stuttgart
23.07.2010 FRI 17:00 FRA BEL Neuenburg
23.07.2010 FRI 18:00 CZE NED Heidenheim
23.07.2010 FRI 19:00 UKR GER Stuttgart
24.07.2010 SAT 10:30 ESP CRO Stuttgart
24.07.2010 SAT 13:00 BEL UKR Heidenheim
24.07.2010 SAT 14:30 GBR SWE Stuttgart
24.07.2010 SAT 16:00 NED FRA Neuenburg
24.07.2010 SAT 18:00 GRE ITA Heidenheim
24.07.2010 SAT 19:00 GER CZE Stuttgart
25.07.2010 SUN 10:30 GBR ITA Stuttgart
25.07.2010 SUN 13:00 NED UKR Heidenheim
25.07.2010 SUN 14:30 GER BEL Stuttgart
25.07.2010 SUN 15:00 FRA CZE Neuenburg
25.07.2010 SUN 18:00 SWE CRO Heidenheim
25.07.2010 SUN 19:00 ESP GRE Stuttgart
26.07.2010 MON 10:30 CZE BEL Stuttgart
26.07.2010 MON 13:00 GBR ESP Heidenheim
26.07.2010 MON 14:30 CRO GRE Stuttgart
26.07.2010 MON 17:00 FRA UKR Neuenburg
26.07.2010 MON 18:00 NED GER Heidenheim
26.07.2010 MON 19:00 SWE ITA Stuttgart
27.07.2010 TUE 10:30 ESP SWE Stuttgart
27.07.2010 TUE 13:00 UKR CZE Heidenheim
27.07.2010 TUE 14:30 BEL NED Stuttgart
27.07.2010 TUE 17:00 GRE GBR Neuenburg
27.07.2010 TUE 18:00 ITA CRO Heidenheim
27.07.2010 TUE 19:00 GER FRA Stuttgart
28.07.2010 WED 14:00 A6 B6 Stuttgart
28.07.2010 WED 18:00 A5 B5 Heidenheim
28.07.2010 WED 19:00 A4 B4 Stuttgart
29.07.2010 THU 14:00 A1 B3 Stuttgart
29.07.2010 THU 18:00 A2 B2 Heidenheim
29.07.2010 THU 19:00 B1 A3 Stuttgart
German Game 19:00 in Stuttgart
30.07.2010 FRI 14:00 B3 A3 Stuttgart
30.07.2010 FRI 18:00 B2 A1 Heidenheim
30.07.2010 FRI 19:00 B1 A2 Stuttgart
German Game 19:00 in Stuttgart
31.07.2010 SAT 12:00 A2 B3 Stuttgart
31.07.2010 SAT 15:00 A3 B2 Heidenheim
31.07.2010 SAT 17:00 A1 B1 Stuttgart
German Game 17:00 in Stuttgart
01.08.2010 SUN 14:00 #1 #2 Stuttgart


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  3. Comment by Bleacher Creature
    December 23, 2009 | 9:00 pm

    With final round times and venues already fixed for Germany, they better not embarrass organizers by not qualifying…

  4. Comment by heavesrock
    December 23, 2009 | 10:15 pm

    Qualifying has already happened, plus they are the hosts so they would qualify automatically.

  5. Comment by Bleacher Creature
    December 23, 2009 | 11:04 pm

    If they qualified for the final round automatically, they wouldn’t have to play at group stage, would they? Only the top three teams in each group make the final round.

  6. Comment by philipp
    December 23, 2009 | 11:23 pm

    No, Germany isn’t qualified yet for the Final Round. I guess there is a misunderstanding between you two. “heavesrock” thought you meant that Germany isn’t qualified yet for the whole tournament. But your post obviously was about the final round.

    btw: It is common procedure in European Baseball that the game times and sites of the hosts in classification and final rounds will be set prior to the tournament. It is just another way to optimize attendance numbers.

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