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Nov '07 05

Test game results for World Cup participants

2007 World Cup Comments Off on Test game results for World Cup participants

The warm ups are history. It is only one day left in preparation for the World Cup teams, before the tournament starts tomorrow. We summarized all test game results, so you can see, what the participants did the last few weeks to get hot.

Results (team-by-team)

The Netherlands:
Australia 1-10
Italy 4-2
Spain 6-2
Chinese Taipei 3-2

Chinese Taipei 0-6
Australia 3-4
Spain 7-4
The Netherlands 2-4
Cuba ?

The Netherlands 2-6
Italy 4-7

Chinese Taipei 7-8
The Netherlands 10-1
Cuba 5-0
Italy 4-3

Columbia 9-0
Venezuela 10-4
Columbia 21-0
Venezuela 3-7
Venezuela 1-5
Venezuela 9-1
Australia 0-5
Chinese Taipei 6-2
Italy ?

Columbia 6-1
Cuba 4-10
Columbia 15-7
Cuba 7-3
Columbia, win (result unknown)
Cuba 5-1
Cuba 1-9

Chinese Taipei:
Perth Heat 5-5
Perth Heat 4-5
Perth Heat 7-4
Perth Heat 1-4
Perth Heat 1-3
The Netherlands 2-3
Italy 6-0
Australia 8-7
Cuba 2-6

Perth Heat 2-1
Perth Heat 12-4
Perth Heat 8-2
Perth Heat 10-6

At Arizona Fall League
Peoria 6-8
Phoenix 3-2
Scottsdale 6-8
Mesa 10-2
Surprise 5-3
Peoria 3-0

(No results for Japan, Germany, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, Korea and Thailand published)

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