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Dec '15 17

Steve Englishbey joins Speaker Lineup at ISG/DBV Convention 2016

SONY DSC61-year-old Texas native Steve Englishbey (website) is replacing Houston Astros hitting coach Dave Hudgens on the speaker lineup of the baseball clinic at the ISG/DBV Convention 2016 in Paderborn (January 29-31, registration). The former Minor Leaguer is focusses on teaching hitters to swing a bat in the most bio-mechanically efficient way possible so as to accomplish three objectives: (1) optimal swing quickness, (2) efficient swing path and (3) maximum bat speed.

Brent Strom about Steve Englishbey:

Steve Englishbey teaches hitting the way I teach pitching. He goes beyond the basic layer of conventional teaching and understands and can teach how the body can work efficiently to provide consistency and power in the swing.

That is exactly what I hope to do in the throwing motion. Steve has given me a deeper understanding of movement efficiency. And while an inefficient swing might result in a poorly hit ball, the repetition of a poorly thrown ball can have much more serious consequences.

That is why Steve is such a valued resource. He understands the swing in its‘ entirety and because of that the information transfers cleanly to the discipline of throwing. Excellent information, excellent teacher.

Other announced speakers at the baseball clinic in Paderborn are Tom O’Connell (ISG Team Leader), Matt Morse (Mental Game VIP) and Bill Holmberg (FIBS). The clinic takes place from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Registration for €125 includes lunch and dinner on site. More speakers and more information will be revealed in the coming days and weeks.

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