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Feb '15 18

Spanish Baseball Academy announces Roster for Tournament in Valencia

The Royal Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation (RFEBS) has announced the roster of the Spanish Baseball Academy for the Early Bird tournament in Valencia, Spain. Six teams from Spain, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, France and Italy will participate in the Los Angeles Dodgers sponsored event from February 24 to March 1. A round-robin format will be played through the first five days of competition followed by a final between the top two teams. Spain’s squad will be managed by Jose Luis Riera.

Roster Spanish Baseball Academy:

Giovanni R. Binetti (Pitcher)
Eric Izquierdo (Pitcher)
Oriol Perarnau (Pitcher)
Ramon A. Rosso (Pitcher)
Jonathan Matamoros (Pitcher)
Álvaro Domínguez (Pitcher)
Sergio Gutiérrez (Pitcher)
Alejandro Martin (Pitcher)
Alex Tomé (Pitcher)
Luis A.Carmona (Pitcher)
Alex Ejarque (Pitcher)
Ivan J.Alba (Catcher)
Eloi Puigferrer (Catcher)
Adria Foz (Catcher)
Alex Flores (Infield)
Anderson Martínez (Infield)
Angel Manuel Aguado (Infield)
Audie Núñez (Infield)
Edgar Rodríguez (Infield)
Uriel López (Outfield)
Adrián Herrera (Outfield)
Roiber Decena (Outfield)

Coaching Staff

Manager: José Luis Riera
Pitching Coach: Renny Duarte
Bench Coach: Miguel Erroz
Coach: Marc Carrillo

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