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Sep '13 01

Schedule Changes at XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup in Taichung due to rain

by International Baseball Federation, www.ibaf.org

TAICHUNG. For a second straight day at the XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup all six games on the schedule were rained out in Taichung Saturday. All six games on Friday were postponed as well due to the inclement weather in the region following tropical storm Kong-Rey.

The Technical Commission in cooperation with the Local Organizing Committee already re-scheduled all 12 postponed games, which will be made up from Monday to Wednesday. Sunday’s schedule will be played as originally planned, if the weather situation allows it.

When competition at the XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup finally gets underway on Sunday Chinese Taipei will clash with Japan in the afternoon. Other games at 12.30pm are between Czech Republic and Canada as well as Colombia and Australia. In the evening starting from 18.30pm Venezuela squares off with Mexico, USA takes on Italy and Korea faces Cuba.

Updated First Round Schedule

Group  Game Day Date Time Home Visitor Field
A 13 Sunday 01. Sep 12:30 Czech Rep Canada Dou-Liou
B 14 Sunday 01. Sep 12:30 Colombia Australia Taichung
A 15 Sunday 01. Sep 12:30 Chinese Taipei Japan Intercontinental
B 16 Sunday 01. Sep 18:30 USA Italy Dou-Liou
A 17 Sunday 01. Sep 18:30 Venezuela Mexico Taichung
B 18 Sunday 01. Sep 18:30 Korea Cuba Intercontinental
A 19 Monday 02. Sep 10:00 Mexico Japan Dou-Liou
A 23 Monday 02. Sep 10:30 Canada Venezuela Taichung
A 24 Monday 02. Sep 10:30 Czech Rep Chinese Taipei Intercontinental
B 22 Monday 02. Sep 14:00 Korea Colombia Dou-Liou
B 20 Monday 02. Sep 14:30 Cuba Italy Taichung
B 21 Monday 02. Sep 14:30 Australia USA Intercontinental
A 10 Monday 02. Sep 18:00 Japan Venezuela Dou-Liou
A 8 Monday 02. Sep 18:30 Mexico Czech Rep Taichung
A 9 Monday 02. Sep 18:30 Canada Chinese Taipei Intercontinental
B 7 Tuesday 03. Sep 10:30 USA Korea Taichung
B 11 Tuesday 03. Sep 10:30 Italy Australia Dou-Liou
B 12 Tuesday 03. Sep 10:30 Cuba Colombia Intercontinental
A 25 Tuesday 03. Sep 14:30 Canada Mexico Dou-Liou
A 29 Tuesday 03. Sep 14:30 Japan Czech Rep Taichung
A 30 Tuesday 03. Sep 17:30 Chinese Taipei Venezuela Intercontinental
B 28 Tuesday 03. Sep 18:30 Colombia Italy Dou-Liou
B 26 Tuesday 03. Sep 18:30 Korea Australia Taichung
B 27 Tuesday 03. Sep 21:30 USA Cuba Intercontinental
A 1 Wednesday 04. Sep 12:30 Venezuela Czech Rep Dou-Liou
A 2 Wednesday 04. Sep 12:30 Japan Canada Taichung
B 3 Wednesday 04. Sep 12:30 Italy Korea Intercontinental
B 4 Wednesday 04. Sep 18:30 Australia Cuba Dou-Liou
B 5 Wednesday 04. Sep 18:30 Colombia USA Taichung
A 6 Wednesday 04. Sep 18:30 Chinese Taipei Mexico Intercontinental

Complete Schedule and Live ScoringTV Broadcast Schedule

Be advised that the schedule can be changed on short notice due to the inclement weather. Check www.18ubaseballworldcup.org for updates on the schedule and the weather situation

All information about the XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup can be found at www.18UBaseballWorldCup.org. Do you want to see Baseball-Softball at the Olympic Games? Like PlayBall2020 on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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