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Jun '13 11

Rosters for Dutch Hoofdklasse All Star Game announced

The rosters for the Dutch Hoofdklasse All Star Game were announced on Tuesday. DOOR Neptunus is going to send 11 players, L&D Amsterdam eight players and Corendon Kinheim seven players to the meeting between the North and the South in the Netherlands at 16:30 on Sunday, June 16 in Haarlem. Quintin de Cuba, Kenny Berkenbosch, Rudy van Heydoorn, Percy Isenia, Ferd van Stekelenburg, Jeffrey Arends, Ricky Daal and Railey Legito are participating in the Home Run Derby. Defending derby winner Bryan Engelhardt will not be in Haarlem.

All Star Rosters:

All Star Team North

SP Rob Cordemans (L&D Amsterdam)
RP Leon Boyd (Corendon Kinheim)
C Bas Nooij (L&D Amsterdam)
1B Jeffrey Arends (Corendon Kinheim)
2B Jesse Aussems (L&D Amsterdam)
3B Mervin Gario (Corendon Kinheim)
SS Michael Duursma (L&D Amsterdam)
LF Quintin de Cuba (Corendon Kinheim)
CF Danny Rombley (Vaessen Pioniers)
RF Bas de Jong (L&D Amsterdam)
DH Percy Isenia (L&D Amsterdam)

David Bergman (Corendon Kinheim)
Ivan Granados (Mr.Cocker HCAW)
Kaj Timmermans (Mr.Cocker HCAW)
Arshwin Asjes (Corendon Kinheim)
Bayron Cornelissen (Vaessen Pioniers)
Swen Huijer (Vaessen Pioniers)
Sedley Karel (Mr.Cocker HCAW)

Ramiro Balentina (Corendon Kinheim)
Kenny Berkenbosch (L&D Amsterdam)
Jorin van Amstel (Mr.Cocker HCAW)
Vince Rooi (Vaessen Pioniers)
Philip Ortez (Vaessen Pioniers)
Roeland Henrique Jr. (L&D Amsterdam)

All Star Team South

SP Diegomar Markwell (DOOR Neptunus)
RP Berry van Driel (DOOR Neptunus)
C Rudy van Heydoorn (DOOR Neptunus)
1B Rafael Jozefa (DOOR Neptunus)
2B Benjamin Dille (DOOR Neptunus)
3B Raily Legito (DOOR Neptunus)
SS Dwayne Kemp (DOOR Neptunus)
LF Ferd van Stekelenburg (UVV)
CF Shaldimar Daantji (DOOR Neptunus)
RF Nurison Leonora (AdoLakers)
DH Adrian Anthony (DOOR Neptunus)

Orlando Yntema (DOOR Neptunus)
Jorian van Acker (DOOR Neptunus)
Elton Koeiman (Mampaey The Hawks)
Jeremyh Angela (UVV)
Kevin Noordzij (Mampaey The Hawks)
Ronald de Bont (Mampaey The Hawks)
Duko Jansen (UVV)

Giovanni Samboe (UVV)
Berry van Donselaar (Mampaey The Hawks)
Dennis de Quint (UVV)
Ricky Daal (UVV
Quensley Bazoer (AdoLakers)
Edison Bito (AdoLakers)

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