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Results Spanish Division de Honor March 10&11

The Spanish Division de Honor already celebrated its third game day of the new season this weekend. The undefeated CB Barcelona and Astros Valencia built up their records to 6-0 with sweeps. Defending champion Barcelona edged out local rival CB Viladecans in a pair of close duels. The Astros captured two one-run victories from the Tenerife Marlins. Also CB Sant Boi picked up two wins. CD Pamplona against San Inazio Bilbao and El Llano against Baseball Navarra settled for splits. Halcones de Vigo (vs. Sant Boi) remains winless.

Saturday, March 10:
Halcones de Vigo – CB Sant Boi 2-14
Tenerife Marlins Puerto Cruz – Astros Valencia 1-2
Tenerife Marlins Puerto Cruz – Astros Valencia 7-8
CB Barcelona – CB Viladecans 4-2
Sunday, March 11:
El Llano –Baseball Navarra 1-4
El Llano –Baseball Navarra 6-5
CB Barcelona – CB Viladecans 3-2
Halcones de Vigo – CB Sant Boi 2-12
CD Pamplona – San Inazio Bilbao 1-2
CD Pamplona – San Inazio Bilbao 4-3


  1. CB Barcelona 6-0
  2. Astros Valencia 6-0
  3. CD Pamplona 4-2
  4. CB Sant Boi 4-2
  5. San Inazio Bilbao 3-3
  6. Tenerife Marlins Puerto Cruz 2-4
  7. Baseball Navarra 2-4
  8. El Llano 2-4
  9. CB Viladecans 1-5
  10. Halcones de Vigo 0-6

Photo: © Diego Lazaro

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