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Mar '09 03

Results Regional Finals Italian Winter League March 1


Last Sunday the regional finals in the Italian Winter League took place. The best two teams of each tournament reach the national finals of the youth indoor competition, which are scheduled for the upcoming weekend in Bologna.

Results Regional Finals Italian Winter League

Results Casa di Risparmio del Veneto
Semis: Godo-Uponor Rovigo 3-0
Semis: Cervignano-Castelfranco 6-1
Classification: Ponzano-Junior Ravenna 4-1
Classification: Junior Ravenna-Ponzano 1-0
For third place: Uponor Rovigo-Castelfranco Veneto 3-4
Finals: Godo-Cervignano 0-5

Final Standings:

  1. Cervignano
  2. Godo
  3. Castelfranco Veneto
  4. Uponor Rovigo
  5. Ponzano Veneto
  6. Junior Ravenna

Results Winter League Veneto
San Martino Junior A-Dynos Verona 8-0
Palladio Vicenza-Senago Baseball 2-11
Palladio Vicenza-San Martino Junior A 0-14
Senago Baseball-Dynos Verona 2-7
San Martino Junior A-Senago Baseball 8-2
Dynos Verona-Palladio Vicenza 12-5

Final Standings

  1. San Martino Junior A
  2. Dynos Verona
  3. Senago Baseball
  4. Palladio Vicenza

Results Winter League Emilia Romagna
Semis: Ermes Fontana Sala Baganza-Carpi Clippers 7-4
Semis: Mercadanti Crocetta Parma-Autofficina Bignami Athletics 4-8
Third Place: Carpi Clippers-Mercadanti Crocetta Parma 6-2
Finals: Autofficina Bignami Athletics-Ermes Fontana Sala Baganza 0-7

Modena BC-San Lazzaro ’90 6-3
San Marino-Digitime Nuova Pianorese 5-0
Conad Fortitudo-Junior Parma 5-9

Final Standings

  1. Ermes Fontana Sala Baganza
  2. Autofficina Bignami Athletics Bologna
  3. Carpi Clippers
  4. Mercadanti Crocetta Parma
  5. Junior Parma
  6. Conad Fortitudo Bologna
  7. San Marino B.S.C.
  8. Digitime Nuova Pianorese
  9. Modena BC
  10. San Lazzaro ’90

Results Winter League Tuscany
Junior Firenze BC Red-Cosmsos BSC 9-4
Junior Firenze BC White-Junior Grosseto1 2-8
BSC Arezzo-ASD Antella 4-0
Nuova Roma1-Junior Grosseto1 0-4
Junior Firenze BC Red-Nuova Roma1 5-4
Junior Grosseto1-Junior Firenze BC Red 5-1

Final Standings

  1. Junior Grosseto1
  2. Junior Firenze BC Red
  3. Nuova Roma1
  4. BSC Arezzo
  5. ASD Antella
  6. Pol. Padule
  7. Mastiff Arezzo
  8. Cosmsos BSC
  9. Junior Firenze BC White

Official Website www.winterleague.it

Photo: © www.winterleague.it

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