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Jun '11 07

Results Polish Baseball Extraleague & Polish Womens Softball League June 4&5

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by Baseball.pl, www.baseball.pl

Although MKS Stal BiS Kutno didn’t play any game, the club is still at top of the Polish Baseball Extraleague’s table.

Only 2 pairs of teams swiched their places: Demony Miejska Górka advanced on 6 place instead of Silesia Rybnik (which was defeated by the club from Miejska Górka) and also Baseball Wrocław came back on the third place,
because the team during season won 3 times with Dęby Osielsko, which has the same won games quantity.

In Polish Womens Softball League only one doubleheader was played at Sunday. Diamonds and Caper splitted with victories.

Results Polish Baseball Extraleague:
Saturday, 4.06
BUKS Gepardy Żory @ UKS „Caper Kędzierzyn-Koźle 13-3, 18-0
TSB Demony Miejska Górka @ KS Silesia Rybnik 4-2, 8-7
UKS Dęby Osielsko  @ KS Baseball Wrocław 1-2, 9-2

Sunday, 5.06
UKS Dęby Osielsko @ WUKB Centaury Warszawa 0-1, 0-5
TSB Demony Miejska Górka @ KS Baseball Wrocław 8-1, 6-9
BUKS Gepardy Żory @ KS Silesia Rybnik 15-7, 8-11

Standings – Polish Baseball Extraleague (Team G/W/L):
1. MKS Stal BiS Kutno 16/14/2
2. WUKB Centaury Warszawa 16/11/5
3. KS Baseball Wrocław 18/9/9
4. UKS Dęby Osielsko 18/9/9
5. BUKS Gepardy Żory 16/8/8
6. TSB Demony Miejska Górka 16/7/9
7. KS Silesia Rybnik 16/6/10
8. UKS Caper Kędzierzyn-Koźle 12/0/12

Results Polish Womens Softball League (June 5):
4TB&S Diamonds Warszawa @ UKS Caper Kędzierzyn-Koźle 7-17, 11-10

Standings – Polish Womens Softball League (Team G/W/L):
1. 4TB7S Diamonds Warszawa 10/5/5
2. UKS Caper Kędzierzyn-Koźle 8/5/3
3. MKS Szóstka Brzeg 4/4/0
4. MKS Stal BiS Kutno 8/4/4
5. WBSC Warriors Warszawa 6/0/6

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