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Feb '11 08

Results Italian Winter League February 6

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The Italian Winter League, a national indoor league in two age categories, continued last weekend. The first part of the Winter League Veneto in the Ragazzi category ended on Sunday with the Adler Bolzano celebrating first place. Additionally the regional tournament in Tuscany got kicked off, while Bologna already hosted its fifth and sixth event.

Results February 6:
Winter League Veneto Ragazzi:
Game Day 2:
Bolzano BC-Adler Bolzano 4-4
Dynos Verona-San Martino Junior 7-9
San Martino Junior -Adler Bolzano 2-2
Bolzano BC-Dynos Verona 14-2
San Martino Junior-Bolzano BC 2-2
Adler Bolzano-Dynos Verona 5-2

Final Standings:

  1. Adler Bolzano
  2. San Martino Junior
  3. Bolzano BC
  4. Dynos Verona

Winter League Tuscany Ragazzi:
Game Day 1:
Junior Firenze Red-Banca Monteriggioni Siena 5-3
Pol. Padule-Arezzo BSC 4-0
Junior Grosseto-Junior Firenze White 9-1
Baseball Chianti-ASD Antella 1-12
Junior Grosseto-ASD Antella 3-1

Winter League Emilia Romagna Ragazzi:
Game Days 5 and 6:
BSC Sasso Marconi-Nuova Pianorese 0-6
Rimini Riviera-BSC Sasso Marconi 11-0
Athletics Bologna-Rimini Riviera . 2-5
Carpi Clippers-Fortitudo bc 1953 1-7
Junior Parma-Carpi Clippers 7-4
San Marino-Junior Parma 0-4
San Lazzaro ’90-San Marino 9-4

Official Website www.winterleague.it

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