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May '12 21

Results Italian Baseball League May 17 to 19

The second half of the regular season in the Italian Baseball League began this weekend. Leader Unipol Bologna remains in first place after winning two out of three games against Cariparma Parma, splitting the Parma portion of the series. T&A San Marino follows in second place after the sweep over Novara United. The first two 2-1 wins were closer as expected, as the eighth-ranked club hoped for the upset. The top duel between Danesi Nettuno and Telemarket Rimini ended with a series win for Nettuno. The Pirates only were able to avoid the sweep with a 4-0 shutout in the night game on Saturday. Grosseto Baseball took two of three from the De Angelis Godo Knights, solidifying seventh in the standings.

Thursday, May 17:
Unipol Bologna – Cariparma Parma 15-3
Danesi Nettuno – Telemarket Rimini 3-1
Friday, May 18:
Cariparma Parma – Unipol Bologna 7-3
De Angelis Godo Knights – Grosseto Baseball 2-3
T&A San Marino – Novara United 2-1
Danesi Nettuno – Telemarket Rimini 2-1
Saturday, May 19:
De Angelis Godo Knights – Grosseto Baseball 3-7
T&A San Marino – Novara United 2-1
Cariparma Parma – Unipol Bologna 3-6
De Angelis Godo Knights – Grosseto Baseball 8-2
T&A San Marino – Novara United 10-4
Danesi Nettuno – Telemarket Rimini 0-4


  1. Bologna 18-6
  2. San Marino 17-7
  3. Rimini 16-8
  4. Nettuno 16-8
  5. Parma 11-13
  6. Godo 9-15
  7. Grosseto 6-18
  8. Novara 3-21

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