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Apr '09 08

Results International Tournament “Koloditsky Cup 2009”

From April 2nd till April 5th the Koloditsky Cup was held in Kirovograd, Ukraine with teams from four different countries. The local clubs KNTU and Diamant came through to finish first and second in the final standings. It was also a good test for both teams, as the Baseball championship in the Ukraine starts today.

April 2:

Diamant(Kirovograd, Ukraine) – Zubrs(Brest, Belarus) 6-4
Zubrs (Brest, Belarus) – CSCA-SDyushor(Balashikha, Russia)13-5
KNTU (Kirovograd, Ukraine) – KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie) 7-0

April 3:
KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie) – CSCA-SDyushor(Balashikha, Russia) 12-1
CSCA-SDyushor(Balashikha, Russia) – Diamant(Kirovograd, Ukraine) 7-2
Zubrs(Brest, Belarus) – KNTU (Kirovograd, Ukraine) 6-3

April 4:
KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie) – Diamant(Kirovograd, Ukraine) 0-2
KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie) – Zubrs(Brest, Belarus) 4-3
KNTU (Kirovograd, Ukraine)
– CSCA-SDyushor(Balashikha, Russia) 8-1
KNTU (Kirovograd, Ukraine) – Diamant(Kirovograd, Ukraine) 16-1

April 5:
Final: KNTU (Kirovograd, Ukraine) – Diamant(Kirovograd, Ukraine) 7-3
3-4 pl.: KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie) – Zubrs(Brest, Belarus) 4-3
5-6 pl.: CSCA-SDyushor(Balashikha, Russia) – All-Stars Cadets 8-13 (exhibition game)

Final Standing:
1. KNTU (Kirovograd, Ukraine)
2. Diamant(Kirovograd, Ukraine)
3. KVINT (Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie)
4. Zubrs(Brest, Belarus)
5. CSCA-SDyushor(Balashikha, Russia)

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