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Sep '11 20

Results German Playdowns September 17

News - German Baseball Leagues Comments Off on Results German Playdowns September 17

The fifth of six game days in the German Baseball-Bundesliga playdowns was played last weekend. In the north the Berlin Sluggers crushed the Pulheim Gophers 16-6 and 24-0 in seven innings apiece, solidifying seventh place in the standings. The Gophers had stated in a newspaper report last week that they would have liked to withdraw from the competition a few weeks ago due to an apparent player shortage.

But the German Baseball and Softball Federation (DBV) said no and would have fined the club. So Pulheim now is basically giving up its spot in the Baseball-Bundesliga by fielding teams of second- and third-string players or putting players out of position. For example last weekend in Berlin a 42-year-old made his starting pitcher debut and Daniel Lamb-Hunt was allowed to pitch in game two.

While teams barely were interested in the playdowns in the past years, it has become a farce in 2011. Besides the Pulheim Gophers issue, games in the southern division got forfeited and teams showing up to games with the minimum amount of players on the traveling roster. Instead of using the opportunity to get some extra playing time in before the offseason, they are making a laugh out of the league.

Not all of them. The HSV Stealers and the Dohren Wild Farmers split a well-played doubleheader in Hamburg on Saturday.

Saturday, September 17:
Berlin Sluggers – Pulheim Gophers 16-6 (7)
Berlin Sluggers – Pulheim Gophers 24-0 (7)
HSV Stealers – Dohren Wild Farmers 6-5
HSV Stealers – Dohren Wild Farmers 2-4
Mannheim Tornados – Gauting Indians 9-0 (forfeit)
Mannheim Tornados – Gauting Indians 9-0 (forfeit)


Northern Division

  1. HSV Stealers 18-18
  2. Dohren Wild Farmers 15-23
  3. Berlin Sluggers 10-28
  4. Pulheim Gophers 7-29

Southern Division

  1. Mannheim Tornados 19-13
  2. Gauting Indians 6-24
  3. Bad Homburg Hornets 4-26

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