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Jun '15 08

Results from the Bulgarian Baseball Championship June 6 & 7, 2015

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By Alex Gorrin

The games observed during June 6 + 7 were the last games from the initial phase of the 2015 championship.

Results Baseball

June 6th:
Athletic Kozloduy – Sofia Blues 0:9 (ff)
Devils Dupnitsa – Athletic Sofia 3:6

June 7th:
Wolves AAS Sofia – Athletic Kozloduy 17:7
Athletic Sofia – Junak Sofia 15:0

Final Standings 2015 National Championship First Phase

1. Athletic Sofia 7:0
2. Buffaloes Blagoevgrad 6:1
3. Devils Dupnitsa 4:3
4. Sofia Blues 4:3
5. Akademiks Sofia 4:3
6. Junak Sofia 2:5
7. Wolves AAS Sofia 1:6
8. Athletic Kozloduy 0:7

Based on the standings after this past weekend, teams are to be split into two halves (upper four and lower four) with the upcoming phase of the championship consisting of games amongst teams from their own group; results from the initial phase will be taken into consideration in case of equal records between two or more teams.

Second Phase Standings

1. Athletic Sofia 3:0
2. Buffaloes Blagoevgrad 2:1
3. Devils Dupnitsa 1:2
4. Sofia Blues 0:3

5. Akademiks Sofia 3:0
6. Junak Sofia 2:1
7. Wolves AAS Sofia 1:2
8. Athletic Kozloduy 0:3

After all of the games from the Second Phase are completed, teams in first and second position will qualify directly with home advantage to the Semifinal Playoffs in the fall, while teams placed 3.4. 5. and 6. will fight for the remaining 2 unseeded spots in semis.

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