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Sep '14 17

Results from Bulgaria: baseball and softball playoffs on Sep 13 & 14

by Alexander Gorrin

The season in Bulgaria is slowly building up to a very interesting climax, with last weekend’s games attracting a lot of attention and interest. We witnessed the live broadcast of one of the playoff games; an event that drew a lot of interest and positive reaction. The game was broadcasted and is archived: it can be enjoyed at any time on the following link: http://www.streamer.bg/bg/452/filmpage-go . The playoff races took off to anticipated thrilling starts. Both in baseball and in softball in Bulgaria, a lot of question marks remain for the 2014 season, and it will be baseball/ softball in the minds of growing number of fans and supporters in the upcoming weeks.

Here are the results:

Sep 13:
Buffaloes Blagoevgrad – Devils Dupnitsa 0:1 (0:1, best of 3)
Athletic Sofia – Sofia Blues 11:3 (1:0, best of 3, game available on http://www.streamer.bg/bg/452/filmpage-go )
Junak Sofia – Athletic Kozloduy 19:9 (game for 3-8 places distribution)

Devils Dupnitsa – Buffaloes Blagoevgrad 6:19 (series tied 1:1)
Sofia Blues – Athletic Sofia 10:9 (series tied 1:1)

The deciding final games of the semifinal playoffs are scheduled for this upcoming Saturday:

Sep 20:
Buffaloes Blagoevgrad – Devils Dupnitsa (Game 3)
Athletic Sofia – Sofia Blues (Game 3)

Sep 13:
Athletic Sofia – Akademiks Sofia 10:8 (1:0, best of 3)
Angels Dupnitsa – Babes Blagoevgrad 3:8 (0:1, best of 3)

Sep 14:
Babes Blagoevgrad – Angels Dupnitsa 9:6 (Babes win series 2:0)
Akademiks Sofia – Athletic Sofia 12:0 (series tied 1:1)

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