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Mar '08 07

Preseason Games in Europe

Besides the Final Olympic Qualifying Tournament, which started today, the preseason in Europe is picking up speed. Many teams in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium kick off their warmup schedule this weekend.

Exhibition games in Spain are already under way since weeks. The Catalonia Championship with Barcelona, Sant Boi, Viladecans und L’Hospitalet ends on Sunday. Hercules and Barcelona are tied at the top with three victories apiece. They will play two games to determine the champion.

However the most interesting opponent should have DOOR Neptunus. The Dutch club is currently in Cuba and faces a local team on Monday evening.


Saturday March 8:
16:30 Pamplona A – Beisbol Navarra
17:00 CB Viladecans – CB Sant Boi
17:00 FC Barcelona – Hercules L’Hospitalet
Sunday March 9:
10:30 Pamplona B – San Inazio Bilbao
11:00 CB Viladecans – CB Sant Boi
11:00 FC Barcelona – Hercules L’Hospitalet

Sunday March 9:
Montpellier – Arvernes de Clermont-Ferrand
Lions Savigny – Huskies Rouen

Saturday March 8:
12:00 (2×7) Bonn Capitals – Merchtem Cats (Belgium)
13:00 Cologne Cardinals – Namur Angels
In Mainz (all games seven innings):
11:00 Mainz Athletics II – Mannheim Tornados II
13:00 Mannheim Tornados II – Solingen Alligators
15:00 Solingen Alligators – Mainz Athletics II
Sunday March 9:
12:00 (2×7) Bonn Capitals – Merchtem Cats (Belgium)
12:00 (2×9) Saarlouis Hornets – Cologne Cardinals
11:00 Ladenburg – Neuenburg Atomics
11:00 (2×7) Mannheim Tornados – Mainz Athletics

Saturday March 8:
14:00 ADO – Sparta/Feyenoord
13:00 HCAW II – HCAW I
Sunday March 9:
13:00 Almere’90 – HCAW II
13:00 HCAW I – HCAW II
14:00 Sparta/Feyenoord – ADO
14:00 L&D Amsterdam Pirates – RCH MediaMonks
Monday March 10:
21:00 DOOR Neptunus against Cuban team

Saturday March 8:
14:30 Mortsel Stars – Hoboken Pioneers
14:30 Borgerhout Squirrels – PSV
Sunday March 9:
15:00 Royal Greys – Brussels Kangaroos
14:30 Borgerhout Squirrels – PSV

If you are missing games, let us know under news@mister-baseball.com

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  1. Comment by Julien
    March 7, 2008 | 4:52 pm

    some french pre-season games

    March, 2
    PUC Paris (Elite) – Patriots Paris (3rd level) : 5-4

    March, 9
    Lions Savigny (Elite) – Huskies Rouen (Elite)

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