After announcing venues and groups in Mexico City on Wednesday, WBSC moved one more step towards the second Premier12 hosting a WorkShop on operations and logistics in Guadalajara, the host city of group A. Delegations of the 12 participating teams attended.

National Teams will have to provide their provisional rosters within 3 September. Their final 28-man rosters will be announced by 3 October.

The official ball of the Premier12 2019 will be the WBSC 540 by SSK.

During the tournament, mercy rule won’t apply to the final and to third place game. The international tie break rule will be used in the extra innings.

After the satisfactory tests of the 2018 season, video reply will apply to all the games of the Premier12. A dedicated umpire, not part of the game crew, will review the challenged plays and will make the final call.

The next major announcement on the Premier12 is set for mid-April, when WBSC plans to announce the full 32-game schedule at a press conference.