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Jun '19 27

Prague Softball Week 2019: Results June 26, 2019

At the Prague Softball Week 2019 eight games were played on Wednesday. In Group A defending champion Germany beat Sweden 8-1 and came back from a 2-5 deficit to prevail 6-5 over the Czech U19 National Team. Czech’s U19 had shut out SK Joudrs Prague 15-0 earlier in the day. Russia also shut out Joudrs 12-0. In Group B Austria lost 5-8 to Ukraine, while defeating Czech’s U18 National Team 15-5. Ukraine meanwhile lost to the Czech U18 3-6. AIST beat Poland 8-1 to remain undefeated in three games. The preliminary round ends on Thursday with the first games of the Playoffs to follow.

Results Group A

9 12:30 Germany Sweden 8:1
10 15:00 Czech U19 Joudrs Praha 15:0
12 17:30 Czech U19 Germany 5:6
14 20:00 Joudrs Praha Russia 0:12




Results Group B

7 10:00 AIST Polsko 8:1
8 12:30 Ukraine Czech U18 3:6
11 15:00 Austria Ukraine 5:8
13 17:30 Czech U18 Austria 5:15




Find out more at www.praguebaseballweek.eu.

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