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Dec '09 25

New Poll: What was your European Baseball Highlight in 2009?

Mister-Baseball is closing the year 2009 with a new poll. What was your European Baseball Highlight this year? You can cast your vote on the front page in the box below the news section. These are your choices:

  • Netherlands upsetting the Dominicans during the 2009 World Baseball Classic: The Dutch team not one, but twice was able to beat an All-Star filled squad during the first round of the tournament.
  • Italy beating Canada during 2009 World Baseball Classic: The Italian team also was able to pull off an upset during the WBC. They beat host Canada on their home field at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.
  • 38th IBAF Baseball World Cup: Over 100,000 people watched the IBAF Baseball World Cup in seven European Countries in September and applauded old and new champion Team USA.
  • European Cup Final Four: Fortitudo Bologna became the 2009 European Champions Cup Winner at the Final Four in Barcelona, Spain in June. They later went on to win the Italian title too and finished the year in first place in Mister-Baseball’s European Top 50.
  • Add an answer: You are not happy with our pre-selected choices? Just add another highlight in European Baseball and explain in the comments. (Please be fair. We reserve the right to delete answers)

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