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Nov '07 15

Mexico advances to final round instead of Panama

World Cup 2007 Comments Off on Mexico advances to final round instead of Panama

Mexico moved up a spot in the standings of group A and avances to the quarterfinals against Cuba. The reason behind the ruling by the IBAF is that five players of Panama had no insurance in their games against the USA and Spain. They forfeit these two games to drop their record to 3-4. They are now placed fifth, missing the next round.

The ruling:

The IBAF, in agreement with the IBAF Executive Committee, has ruled on Panama starting
play with five players without insurance cover on Nov. 7 and 8 during the 37 th Baseball
World Cup:

1.        These five players were not eligible to play in the Games #3 and #11.

2.        The Panama team must forfeit both Games #3 and #11.

3.        The official result for Game #3 will be Spain 9, Panama 0.

4.        The official result for Game #11 will be USA 9, Panama 0.

Updated standings group A:

  1. USA 6-1
  2. Chinese Taipei 5-2
  3. Japan 5-2
  4. Mexico 4-3
  5. Panama 3-4
  6. Italy 3-4
  7. Spain 2-5
  8. South Africa 0-7

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