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Aug '13 08

Olimpija ’83 Karlovac Croatian champion 2013

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By Goran Supraha

After four „dry“ seasons Olimpija ’83 Karlovac win title of Croatian Champion 2013 in finals which gone to game seven. Olimpija ’83 Karlovac show more security and calmest what take them to the end and celebration.

All finals games had great audience where more than 4000 people watch games in Split and Karlovac, (Live stream of Game 2. have more than 700 viewers).

Game 1.

Nada SSM – Split : Olimpija ’83 Karlovac 11:3 (1:0)

At finals opener Nada SSM – Split with two big innings (1st 4 runs & 7th 5 runs) and strong approach in defense get first win in final series.

Game 2.

Nada SSM – Split : Olimpija ’83 Karlovac 5:8 (1:1)

Game what was played for four and half hours in 13 innings telling everything by itself. Olimpija ’83 take a big win on road and tied series on 1:1. Karlovac team lead till 5th inning 4:0 but then Split in next three innings return everything on beginning. Till end of 7th inning score was 4:4. In last inning Karlovac and Split score a run and take game to extra innings. Its take four more innings till somebody made a run, and then Olimpija ’83 Karlovac score three what was more than  enough because Nada SSM – Split stay scoreless.

Game 3.

Olimpija ’83 Karlovac : Nada SSM – Split 2:10 (1:2)

Series moved to Karlovac where Nada SSM – Split made huge early lead in second inning with 8:1 and didn’t let any surprises in this game. Great win for Nada SSM – Split and lead in series 2:1.

Game 4.

Olimpija ’83 Karlovac : Nada SSM – Split 6:4 (2:2)

This game decides and wins Olimpija ’83 Karlovac defense with no errors. On other side Nada SSM – Split defense made six errors with only 1 ER. Olimpija ’83 Karlovac made an easy lead 3:0 till end of second inning but again Nada SSM – Split returns everything on beginning scoring three runs in fourth inning.  In fifth inning Karlovac team score two runs to take a game on their side. Till the end game teams scores one more time Split in 6th and Karlovac for final score in 7th.

Game 5.

Nada SSM – Split : Olimpija ’83 Karlovac 7:4 (3:2)

Series again moved to Split for one more game where Nada SSM – Split manage to move one step closer to defending title by winning this game 7:4. Olimpija ’83 Karlovac scores in first but then from second till sixth Nada SSM – Split scores on every offense and take a game in only one direction. Karlovac team scores two more runs in seventh but that was all from both team in this game till end.

Game 6.

Olimpija ’83 Karlovac : Nada SSM – Split 5:2 (3:3)

This was one more game where you can’t make an error. It was duel of great pitching and defense but to win you can’t afford errors in any point of game. Nada SSM – Split make three errors where Olimpija ’83 Karlovac scores three runs what was more than enough for this game.

Game 7.

Nada SSM – Split : Olimpija ’83 Karlovac 6:7 (3:4)

Like whole series this game also was tie till the end and both teams have same chance to take a title, but only one is winner. Both teams didn’t score till third and then Karlovac make four runs but again Split returns everything on beginning scoring four runs in same inning. It was quiet for only one inning when Karlovac in sixth scores two more runs for lead 6:4. Nada SSM – Split manage to score one more in eighth but real drama happened in last inning of the season. Karlovac scores crucial run for the title on two outs and Nada SSM – Split have everything in their hands with nobody out and runners on second and third but Karlovac let only one run for final 7:6 and celebration for 12-time Croatian champion Olimpija ‘ 83 Karlovac.

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