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Jul '18 05

Netherlands announce Roster for Honkbalweek Haarlem

The Netherlands have announced their roster for the Honkbalweek Haarlem. New manager Evert Jan’t Hoen nominated 24 players for the tournament. It will be played from July 13 to 22 at Pim Mulier Stadium in Haarlem. Germany, Italy, Chinese Taipei, Japan and Cuba also will be participating. The majority of the players is playing in the Dutch Hoofdklasse. Also on the team are Mike Bolsenbroek of the Buchbinder Legionaere Regensburg, Kevin Kelly from ASD Rimini, Yurendell De Caster of the Wild Cats from Curacao, and Gilmer Lampe of Unipol Bologna.

Roster Netherlands for Honkbalweek Haarlem:

Mike Bolsenbroek Buchbinder Legionaere Regensburg
Rob Cordemans L&D Amsterdam
Misja Harcksen De Glaskoning Twins
Kevin Heijstek L&D Amsterdam
Lars Huijer Meerlease Pioniers
Kevin Kelly ASD Rimini
Diegomar Markwell Curaçao Neptunus
Jim Ploeger L&D Amsterdam
Berry van Driel Curaçao Neptunus
Loek van Mil Curaçao Neptunus
Orlando Yntema Curaçao Neptunus
Max Clarijs L&D Amsterdam
Rodney Daal L&D Amsterdam
Gianison Boekhoudt Curaçao Neptunus
Yurendell DeCaster Wild Cats (Curaçao)
Dwayne Kemp Curaçao Neptunus
Dudley Leonora Curaçao Neptunus
Nick Urbanus L&D Amsterdam
Stijn van der Meer Curaçao Neptunus
Remco Draijer L&D Amsterdam
Rachid Engelhardt Quick Amersfoort
Roelie Henrique HCAW
Gilmer Lampe Unipol Bologna
Denzel Richardson DSS
Bondscoach Evert Jan ’t Hoen
Assistent Coach Ben Thijssen
Assistent Coach Wim Martinus
Hitting Coach Sidney de Jong
Pitching Coach Robin van Doornspeek

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