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Aug '11 01

MLB International announces 2011 European Academy Roster

Europeans in the USA Comments Off on MLB International announces 2011 European Academy Roster

48 players from 13 nations, training at the CONI Olympic Training Center in Tirrenia, Italy from August 3 – 27 were selected to attend the 2011 MLB European Academy. The MLB staff includes coaches Art Howe, John McLaren, Bruce Hurst, Lee Smith, Felix Milan, German Geigel and Wally Joyner.

Last Name First Name Nation Position Age
Andonov Martin Bulgaria OF 17
Anselmi Davide Italy RHP 16
Aubrecht Ivan Czech Republic C 17
Aussems Jesse Netherlands 3B, 1B 19
Bareika Kasparas Lithuania LHP 17
Benetti Davide Italy 3B 17
Bindemann Kai Germany C 18
Bomberg Reginald Netherlands RHP 19
Bosý Martin Slovakia C 19
Brenner Phillip Austria 3B 18
Camusi Luca Italy SS, 2B 15
Celli Federico Italy RHP 16
Cespedes Suarez Leonel France OF 17
Cornelisse Bayron Netherlands 3B 18
De Bellefroid Théodore Belgium SS, 2B 18
Ehmcke Maik Germany 1B 17
Gerard Rashid Netherlands C, 3B 19
Gradali Lorenzo Italy RHP 16
Hajtmar Adam Czech Republic RHP, SS 16
Hoglund Johan Sweden 2B, 3B 18
Izold Jakub Slovakia LHP 18
Jellonneck Marius Germany RHP 17
Junec Tomas Czech Republic RHP, 1B 17
Kemp Urving Netherlands 3B, OF 17
Larsen James Germany RHP 17
Limarenko Dmytro Ukraine RHP, 1B 20
Martunas Gytis Lithuania C 18
Menśík Matěj Czech Republic OF 19
Mineo Alberto Italy C 17
Neuhäuser Philipp Germany RHP, OF 18
Nicolaisen Daniel Denmark OF 18
Nieveld Kevin Netherlands SS, 2B 18
Nijhof Brennan Netherlands SS, 2B 18
Novak Jan Czech Republic LHP 17
Poma Sebastiano Italy OF 18
Post Milan Netherlands C 17
Roy Alexandre France LHP 16
Russo Alexander Italy OF 17
Schel Marco Netherlands RHP 16
Šinkūnas Evaldas Lithuania RHP 19
Šmidt Viktor Czech Republic RHP 17
Thieben Daniel Germany RHP
Trinci Mario Italy C, 3B 16
van der Meer Stijn Netherlands SS, 2B 18
Varin Alberto Italy C 18
Vicente Simon France 1B 19
Vitek Daniel Czech Republic RHP 18
Wohrl Michael Germany LHP 17

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