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Apr '13 05

MLB Academies Tournament 2013 in Tirrenia a Success

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The annual MLB Academies Tournament, a preseason tournament organized by MLB International for European baseball academies, returned to Tirrenia, Italy for the first time since its inauguration in 2008. 180 players and 32 coaches from 8 different academies (Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and France) participated to play 13 games at the CONI Olympic Training Centre in Tirrenia. 20 MLB organizations and the MLB Scouting Bureau were in attendance to scout all players.

Jason Holowaty of MLB International was satisfied with the success of this year’s tourney, “It was a great week in Tirrenia and we were able to get in most of our schedule with only one rainy day. This was our largest and, in many ways, most successful tournament to date and was a great showcase for European baseball and the academies MLB supports in the offseason.”

As usual the focus for the MLB Academies Tournament is on the preparation for the upcoming season without looking at the results of the games. Therefore scores weren’t transmitted. Special rules (see below) were in place to protect the players at this early stage of the season. It was the sixth edition of the MLB Academies Tournament after Tirrenia in 2008, Toulouse in 2009 and Regensburg from 2010 to 2012. Some key facts:

  • 8 national academy teams, 180 players, 32 coaches
  • 13 games all played at the CONI Olympic Training Centre in Tirrenia
  • 20 MLB clubs in attendance to scout the players, as well as scouts from the Major League Scouting Bureau

“Spring Training” rules for the games to keep the focus on development:

  • 20 pitches per inning maximum
  • Mandatory rest periods for pitchers after each appearance
  • Unlimited substitutions
Date Time Field Away Team Home Team Inn.
31-Mar 9:00am Tirrenia Belgium Sweden 9
12:30pm Tirrenia France Germany 9
3:30pm Tirrenia Czech R. Austria 9
01. Apr 9:00am Tirrenia Sweden France 7
11:30am Tirrenia Italy Czech R. 7
2:00pm Tirrenia Austria Belgium 7
4:30pm Tirrenia Germany Netherlands 7
02. Apr 9:00am Tirrenia Germany Italy 7
11:30am Tirrenia Belgium Sweden 7
2:00pm Tirrenia Czech R. Netherlands 7
4:30pm Tirrenia France Austria 7
03. Apr 9:00am Tirrenia Czech R. Germany 7
11:30am Tirrenia Netherlands Italy 9
2:30pm Tirrenia Sweden Austria 7
4:45pm Tirrenia Belgium France 7
04. Apr 9:30am Tirrenia Italy Netherlands 9
04. Apr 1:00pm Tirrenia Netherlands France 7

(Games in grey weren’t played due to rain and field conditions)

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