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Jun '16 29

Mid-season changes for European Baseball Magazine

Mister Baseball News Comments Off on Mid-season changes for European Baseball Magazine


European Baseball Magazine, Europe’s first app-based baseball magazine, is making major changes both in format and staff.

Since Tuesday, June 28, 2016, EBM+, formerly a subscription-based monthly publication with interactive content, will begin providing free daily content grounded in a regular structure including weekly news, standings and features.

Mister-Baseball.com will present the news. “Mister-Baseball.com is happy to be the primary news contributor for baseballEBM. The new format is going to offer European baseball to fans worldwide,” says Mister-Baseball.com’s Editor-in-Chief, Philipp Wuerfel.The app’s various features can only help grow the sport we all love.”

The new structure is being overseen by the magazine’s, newly named, Editor-in-Chief Sam Gilman. Magazine founder and former EIC, Pasi Salmela says, “I am happy that Sam will be contributing to the development of the magazine. She has a long history in the sport of baseball and is an excellent journalist. The magazine is in good hands.” Salmela will continue with baseballEBM in the capacities of writer, designer and editor.

Gilman has been with EBM+ since the second issue and is a regular contributor to the publication. “I respect the product Pasi has consistently provided the European baseball and softball communities. I am dedicated to offering content that will continue the growth of every professional team in Europe.” Gilman has been acting in the capacity of Editor for the magazine since January of this year.

The app will now provide free daily content to its users. Readers who sign up for the fan club will also enjoy the benefits of bonus materials provided by sponsors to the magazine. “Every Wednesday is training day,” explains Gilman. “We are looking to provide our readership with the tools and materials to improve their abilities in all aspects of the game, from coaching and umpiring, to front office personnel.” While the training tutorials will be made public only baseballEBM fans will have access to additional content offered by the trainers.

“European Baseball Magazine is dedicated to providing accurate reporting and content relevant to the global baseball community,” Gilman says. “Many of our regular features from the monthly publication, Around the Globe and Life Of for example, will carry over to the updated format. As a daily publication we will also be relying more than ever on the European baseball community to keep us abreast of the changes in their home cities.” Any professional club announcements, including press releases, plays of the week and upcoming events, can be emailed to news[at]baseballEBM.com. European Baseball Magazine can be located socially, across all platforms, at baseballEBM.

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