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Sep '14 01

Marco Mazzieri gathers 27 Players for Euros Training Camp

Italian head coach Marco Mazzieri has invited 27 players for a training camp in Veronello, finishing up preparations for the European Championship next week. They also will play in the Italian Baseball Week against the Czech Republic and Spain this coming weekend. The 27-man roster includes mainly players from Italy, as professional players are finishing up their season in North America. Therefore currently only Davide Anselmi and Alberto Mineo are listed. The coaching staff will be completed by Marco Nanni, Bill Holmberg, Alberto D’Auria, Gilberto Gerali, Augusto Medina, Claudio Vecchi and Gianni Natale.

Roster Training Camp:
Right-handed Pitcher (7): Carlos Richetti (Nettuno2), Yovany D’Amico, Nicholas Morreale, Carlos Teran (San Marino), Filippo Crepaldi (Fortitudo BO), Roberto Corradini (Rimini), Davide Anselmi (Rookie League Reds).

Left-handed Pitcher (6): Luca Panerati (Fortitudo BO), Josè Escalona (Rimini), Fraylin Florian (Nettuno), Chris Cooper, Valerio Simone (San Marino), Yomel Rivera (Parma)

Catcher (3): Mattia Reginato (San Marino), Alberto Mineo (Rookie League Cubs), Marco Sabbatani (Fortitudo BO).

Infielder (7): Alex Sambucci (Parma), Jack Santora (Rimini), Joseph Mazzuca, Giovanni Pantaleoni (San Marino), Juan Carlos Infante, Alessandro Vaglio (Fortitudo BO), Erik Epifano (Padova).

Outfielder (4): Lorenzo Avagnina (San Marino), Gabriele Ermini (Grosseto-A federale), Stefano Desimoni (Parma), Mario Chiarini (Rimini)

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