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Feb '08 06

Manager Marco Mazzieri invites National Team to mini camp

The Italian National Team does not have a big tournament on their schedule this year. Nevertheless manager Marco MAZZIERI and his coaching staff want to continue the progress made at the Baseball World Cup last November. They will hold a mini camp at the trainings facilities of the FIBS Academy in Tirrenia next weekend. Catchers and pitchers will be there on February 8th and 9th. Infielders and outfielders arrive on February 9th until 10th. They even can count on the Italian minor leaguers, who will attend spring training in Florida and Arizona. MAZZERI is also planning exhibition matches against clubs of the Italian Baseball League later this year.

Pitchers: BAZZRINI, CORRADINI, SALSI (all three Parma), BETTO, PAOLETTI (both Fortitudo Bologna), MAESTRI (Chicago Cubs), COSSAR (Rangers Redipuglia), MARTIGNONI, TONELLATO (both San Marino), PANERATI, PIZZICONI (both Cincinnati Reds), QUATTRINI (Rimini), TORRES (Warriors Paterno), ULARETTI (Latina)

Catchers: ALBANESE (San Marino), BERTAGNON (Parma), SABBATANI (Godo)

Infielders: BENVENUTI, IMPERIALI, ROVINELLI (all three San Marino), DALLOSPEDALE, SGNAOLIN (both Grosseto), MAZZANTI (Nettuno), PANTALEONI (San Marino), SAMBUCCI (Latina), SCALERA (Parma)

Outfielders: AMBROSINI (Nettuno), AVAGNINA, ERMINI (both Grosseto), CHIARINI (Rimini), DE SIMONI, ZILERI (both Parma), LIVERZIANI (Fortitudo Bologna), SANTOLUPO (Anzio), SGINORINI (Rimini)

DE SANTIS (Grosseto), MILANO (Fortitudo Bologna) and SCHIAVETTI (Nettuno) will miss the camp due to injuries.

Coaching Staff: Marco MAZZIERI, Bill HOLMBERG, Claudio VECCHI, and Alberto D’AURIA

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