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Apr '09 05

New logo for CEB


At the Congress in San Marino we presented to you our CEB logo in a modified version. The modification was decided to give the CEB logo a more modern look and a better recognition by putting the letters around or underneath.

On Thursday, the CEB not only released their new logo but a complete logo system to the public and revamped their website to match the new corporate colors.

The new logo is more a facelift of the old one than a brand new identity. It still features a rim of ten stars (contrary to the european flag with 12 stars) which is now silver instead of gold.

The ‘E’-Letter was removed and the ball was reduced to some seems running across the glove, which is more obvious a glove now than before and has a gradient from dark blue to light blue, which, together with the silver from the rim, build the three new CEB brand colors.

Overall the new logo has a more modern look than before without abandoning the old look & feel.

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