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Jul '16 22

Livestreams available for European Championship C-Level in Miejska Gorka

2019 European Championship Comments Off on Livestreams available for European Championship C-Level in Miejska Gorka


From July 25 to 30 one of two European Championships C-Level is taking place in Miejska Gorka, Poland. Host Poland, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary and Romania will compete for a spot in next year’s European Championship B-Level. From Monday to Friday two games will be played each day at 11am and 5pm. On Saturday the final takes place at 2pm.

All 11 games from Miejska Gorka will be available through YouTube. These are the direct links to each live stream:

https://youtu.be/Bz9gZcGqJ0o ESTONIA GEORGIA 25/07/2016 11:00
https://youtu.be/ZC3pXmBl9Mw POLAND HUNGARY 25/07/2016 17:00

https://youtu.be/L5pNhmJ3VZA HUNGARY ESTONIA 26/07/2016 11:00
https://youtu.be/zyHAHe4CjDE ROMANIA Vs GEORGIA 26/07/2016 17:00

https://youtu.be/p4qSoUnyWb4 GEORGIA Vs HUNGARY 27/07/2016 11:00
https://youtu.be/An6onSRKdVY POLAND Vs ROMANIA 27/07/2016 17:00

https://youtu.be/-7AzHO3YiaI ROMANIA Vs ESTONIA 28/07/2016 11:00
https://youtu.be/DZjEZQAZnts GEORGIA Vs POLAND 28/07/2016 17;00

https://youtu.be/6dBp0qiwErw HUNGARY Vs ROMANIA 29/07/2016 11;00
https://youtu.be/DbUGPbOkKa4 ESTONIA Vs POLAND 29/07/2016 17:00

https://youtu.be/ItDClz-HtUc FINAŁ 30/07/2016 14:00

Live play by play is available through the CEB competition website www.baseballstats.eu.

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