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Aug '14 26

Help Legionaere TV get Instant Replay via Crowdfunding

Mister Baseball News Comments Off on Help Legionaere TV get Instant Replay via Crowdfunding


Most baseball fans throughout Europe probably have heard of Legionaere TV now and then. The group of volunteers led by Tobias Dietrich, Benedict Ott and Markus Himmelstoss has established the most advanced live stream channel for European Baseball in the last couple of years.

Besides broadcasting all home and selected road games of the Buchbinder Legionaere Regensburg, they also were on hand for German All-Star Games, two European Cups in Regensburg and the MLB Academies Tournament in Regensburg last year.

In September Legionaere TV will broadcast the first round games from Regensburg at the European Championship. Trying to improve the quality they have reached their limits financially. Therefore they have started a crowd funding campaign at vision bakery. They would like to raise funds of €13.428 to buy hardware to introduce instant replay and show the games with four cameras.

Find out more at www.visionbakery.com/ltv

Blog Post by Legionaere TV:

What is Legionaere TV?

Legionaere TV was started in 2011 as a small project with almost no budget. Within four years the project has grown rapidly and is now unique in Europe. Legionaere TV broadcasts all home games of the Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg, but also events like the German All-Star Game, the European Cup or the European Championship this fall.


What does ‘Replay for Legionäre TV’ mean?

That is pretty easy to explain. We want to buy some hardware that allows us to record up to four cameras and to replay any of them as we need it. It also makes slow-motion possible.

There are two big fields of use:

  • Slow-Motion of close plays – Was the umpire right?
  • Different angles of spectacluar catches or plays

Why Crowdfunding?

Well, as you can see from the amount of money we need, this is a pretty big investment. Even though the Legionäre have been supporting our project as much as they can, this investment will not be possible within the next years. Therefore we ask all of you out there to become a part of our project and help us go this huge step.


Of course you will get a little thank you for supporting us! The Rewards we have are (in this order on the right):

  • Your name in our thank you video
  • Ticket to a game of the Legionäre during the 2015 Season
  • Test glas filled with sand from the Armin-Wolf-Arena Infield
  • Broken Seat from Armin-Wolf-Arena
  • One Day with Legionäre TV
  • Personal Training with a Player of the Legionäre
  • Baseball, signed by Donald Lutz
  • Baseball signed by the Legionäre Championship Team 2013
  • Baseball signed by the 2009 World Champion USA

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