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Jun '19 14

KNBSB releases Dutch Roster for World Port Tournament 2019

The Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation (KNBSB) released its roster for the 2019 World Port Tournament in Rotterdam. The tournament will be played from July 12 to 21 at Family Stadium. Manager Evert-Jan’t Hoen selected 24 players including Mike Bolsenbroek of the Heidenheim Heideköpfe in Germany, former pros Yurendell De Caster, Juan Carlos Sulbaran and Sharlon Schoop, as well as the returning Bryan Engelhardt and Jason Halman. The Netherlands have a full schedule ahead in the second half of 2019 with the European Championship and most likely the Olympic Qualifier in September and the Premier12 in November.

Roster World Port Tournament:

Name Family Name
Position No. Int. Games
Mike Bolsenbroek Pitcher 25
Rob Cordemans Pitcher 118
Misja Harcksen Pitcher 1
Lars Huijer Pitcher 14
Kevin Kelly Pitcher 29
Diegomar Markwell Pitcher 92
Jim Ploeger Pitcher 21
Tom Stuifbergen Pitcher 38
Juan Carlos Sulbaran Pitcher 21
Kaj Timmermans Pitcher 3
Orlando Yntema Pitcher 43
Gianison Boekhoudt Catcher 66
Rodney Daal Catcher 5
Jason Halman Catcher 12
Yurendell DeCaster Infield 122
Dwayne Kemp Infield 121
Dudley Leonora Infield 38
Sharlon Schoop Infield 62
Delano Selassa Infield 0
Stijn Van der Meer Infield 66
Bryan Engelhardt Outfield 188
Gilmer Lampe Outfield 42
Denzel Richardson Outfield 8
Mark Smit Outfield 0

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