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Aug '10 27

John Genzale launches officially new Project “Milano United”

Milano United Press Conference with John Genzale and presidents and vice presidents of Milano 1946 and Novara Baseball

Press Release Milano United

The purpose of the new franchise, conceived by Milano ‘46, Novara and Senago, is to compete in the Italian Baseball League in 2011

Milano United will become Italy’s first fully commercial sports organization

The full restoration of both J.F. Kennedy Stadium, according to the IBAF standards, and the baseball fan base in Milan and province are among the Genzale responsibilities

Milan, 27 august 2010 – John Genzale, co-director of Columbia University’s sports management program and founding editor of SportsBusiness Journal, today officially presented his project “United” that will allow to introduce a new era in Milano baseball and an exciting new model for club operation in Italian baseball.

Milano United, the baseball franchise conceived by three historic Milano-area baseball clubs, will become Italy’s first fully commercial sports organization. John Genzale, a sports business and media veteran, becomes the club’s majority owner and will operate the franchise as CEO of the new franchise.

The purpose of Milano United is to compete in the Italian Baseball League in 2011 and become the IBL’s largest baseball market. The three original clubs that had the vision to form the new baseball experiment – Milano 1946, Novara and Senago – will continue to operate as competitive, club-run teams and serve as Milano United’s affiliates. Novara will be the No. 2 team in the five-team organization.

All teams pledge a spirit of cooperation in both baseball and business operations and the obtained results in the A Series Federal Championship 2010 by Senago-Milano United team, that already includes players coming from the different teams of the franchise, are the most evident confirmation.

An intended consequence of this affiliation is the development of baseball technically and organizationally from the youth levels through the highest competitive leagues. In addition, the purpose of Milano United is to provide handsome returns of the investment for its shareholders, among them are the three original clubs.

Milano United LogoThe restoration of both J.F. Kennedy Stadium, according to the IBAF standards, and the baseball fan base in Milan are among the Genzale responsibilities. At the core of the business operation is a marketing campaign that revolves around both technical excellence and exciting entertainment. “Our goals are to provide not only the best quality baseball, but clean, safe, family fun at affordable prices,” said John Genzale. “We think that’s appealing anywhere, with any audience. And we think that if we do that, people will want to come back. We will establish a passionate connection between the team and the community.”

Genzale is the founding editor of America’s sports industry trade magazine, SportsBusiness Journal. He is also co-director of Columbia University’s graduate sports management program, the only one in the Ivy League. He teaches sports business each year during the off-season, but he is an Italian citizen with permanent residence in Italy. He is moving to the Milano area for this venture.

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