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Feb '19 01

Italy releases preliminary roster of U16 Women’s Softball National Team

The Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS) released a preliminary roster of its U16 Women’s Softball National Team. Head coach Giulio Brusa nominated 28 players to a training camp in Collecchio in mid-February.

Italy’s U16 Women’s Softball National Team:

1. AGRO’ Angelica P – EST. La Loggia
2. BANCORA Giulia Margherita C – INT. Milana 1946 / Settimo Milanese
3. BARTOLI Anita C – INT. – EST. Nuove Pantere Lucca
4. BELTRAME Manola INT. Castionese Softball
5. BERTANI Sofia P – INT. Caronno
6. BOLOGNINI Chiara INT. – EST. BSC rovigo
7. BONZI Alice P – INT. Caronno
8. BORTOLOTTI Sarah P – INT. Pianoro Softball A.S.D.
9. BRANDI Alessia P – INT. Cali Roma
10. CAIFFA Sara C – EST. Stars Ronchi
11. CARATI Clara C – INT. Pianoro Softball A.S.D.
12. CAROTTI Alice C – INT. Pianoro Softball A.S.D.
13. COLONNA Martina P – INT. UGS Collecchio
14. CAVAGLIERI Elena P – INT. – EST. Bollate Softball
16. MAMBELLI Virginia INT. – EST. Forlì Softball
17. MAVILLA Alessandra INT. UGS Collecchio
18. MAVILLA Francesca P – EST. UGS Collecchio
19. MILANO Maya Angela P – INT. – EST. Pianoro Softball A.S.D.
20. MORETTI Lucrezia P – EST. Forlì Softball
21. MUNARETTO Valeria P – EST. Vicenza BSC, Stars Ronchi, Bussolengo
22. NANNETTI Beatrice P – INT. Pianoro Softball A.S.D.
23. RAMPOLDI Linda P – EST. Bollate Softball
24. RAVIOLA Elisa C – INT. Bollate 1969
25. SANTINI Allison P – EST. Castionese Softball
26. SPROCATI Sara P – INT. La Loggia
27. TAGLIAZUCCA Asia C – EST. Villazzano Softball/Pool 77 Bolzano
28. TRECARICHI Valeria INT. – EST. Bollate Softball
29. ZUMERLE Marianna P – INT. Thunders e Dragons Castellana

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