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Aug '14 26

Italy publishes preliminary roster for European Championship

The Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS) has released a preliminary roster for the upcoming European Championship. 44 players were named, 24 of them will make the cut for the tournament.

The roster includes players from the Italian Baseball League, the Federal Championship in Italy, Mexico and the United States. 19 pitchers, five catchers, 10 infielders and 10 outfielders are on the preliminary list. The biggest professional names on the roster are Alex Liddi (LA Dodgers) and Pat Venditte (NY Yankees).

From September 6 to 9, 2014 Italy is going to participate in the Italian Baseball Week in Veneto, playing against the Czech Republic and Spain. It will be the last preparation before trying to win their third consecutive European title.

Preliminary Roster:
Right-handed Pitchers (10) Richetti (Nettuno2), G. D’Amico, Morreale, Teran (San Marino), F. Crepaldi (Fortitudo BO), Da Silva (Delfines-Mexican League), Venditte (Scranton-AAA Yankees), Anselmi (Rookie League Reds), Corradini (Rimini), Colla (Montgomery-AA Rays)

Left-handed Pitchers (9) Panerati (Fortitudo BO), Escalona (Rimini), Florian (Nettuno), Cooper, Simone (San Marino), Rivera (Parma), Lugo (Lake County-A Indians), Giardina (Arkansas-AA Angels), Nardi (Ronchi dei Legionari-A federale)

Catcher (5) Reginato (San Marino), Mineo (Rookie League Cubs), Sabbatani (Fortitudo BO), Latorre (Richmond-AA Giants), Bertagnon (Rimini)

Infielder (10) Sambucci, R. Imperiali (Parma), Mazzanti, Santora (Rimini), Mazzuca, Pantaleoni (San Marino), Infante, Vaglio (Fortitudo BO), Epifano (Padova), Liddi (Chattanooga-AA Dodgers)

Outfielder (10) Avagnina (San Marino), Ermini (Grosseto-A federale), Poma, Desimoni (Parma), Ambrosino, Liverziani, Grimaudo (Fortitudo BO), Zileri, Chiarini (Rimini), Celli (Rookie League Dodgers)

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