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Jun '18 30

Italy announces Roster for 2018 Honkbalweek Haarlem

Italy has announced its roster for the 2018 Honkbalweek Haarlem. Manager Gilberto Gerali nominated 24 players for the international tournament at Pim Mulier Stadium in Haarlem, Netherlands. Other participants will be the Dutch team, Germany, Cuba, Japan and Chinese Taipei. Gerali will be supported on the coaching staff by Rolando Cretis, Massimiliano Masin, Alberto D’Auria, Jose Medina and Claudio Vecchi. Prior to the tournament the team will gather in Rome on July 10. The Honkbalweek will be played from July 13 to 22.

Italy’s Roster for Honkbalweek Haarlem:

1 Palumbo Cordozo Angelo Michele P 10.11.1995 Bolzano B.C.
2 Aldegheri Mattia P 10.02.1998 Baseball Team Verona
3 Pizziconi Andrea P 04.10.1991 Fortitudo B.C. 1953
4 Crepaldi Filippo P 19.02.1992 Fortitudo B.C. 1953
5 Bassani Alex P 25.11.1990 Rimini Baseball
6 Clemente Nicolò P 18.02.1998 Redskins Imola B.S.C.
7 Lugo Lareschi Luis Eduardo P 05.03.1994 Parma Baseball Club 1949
8 Rizzo Moronta Gianfranco P 05.09.1993 Reggio Rays Baseball
9 Maestri Alessandro P 01.06.1985 San Marino B.C.
10 Simone Valerio P 22-04.1991 Nuova Città Di Nettuno
11 Scotti Claudio P 08.07.1998 Nuova Città Di Nettuno
12 Deotto Alessandro C 16.11.1994 Parma Baseball Club 1949
13 Trinci Mario C 16.11.1994 Nuova Città Di Nettuno B.C.
14 Sambucci Alex IF 29.09.1989 Parma Baseball Club 1949
15 Vaglio Alessandro IF 28.01.1989 Fortitudo B.C. 1953
16 Garcia Rodriguez Robel Estival IF 28.03.1993 Fortitudo B.C. 1953
17 Colabello Christopher Adrian IF 24.10.1983 San Marino B.C.
18 Noguera Freddy Miguel IF 26.02.1988 Rimini Baseball
19 Mercuri Mattia IF 20.08.1994 Nuova Città Di Nettuno B.C.
20 Celli Federico OF 15.02.1995 Rimini Baseball
21 Garbella Nicola Luciano Sathya OF 11.12.1992 Rimini Baseball
22 Poma Sebastiano OF 13.06.1993 Parma Baseball Club 1949
23 Zileri Leonardo OF 03.04.1984 Parma Baseball Club 1949
24 Desimoni Stefano OF 12.04.1988 Parma Baseball Club 1949
Last Name Given Name Position:
1 Gerali Gilberto Manager
2 Cretis Rolando Pitching Coach
3 Masin Massimiliano Pitching Coach
4 D’Auria Alberto Coach
5 Medina Mondant Josè Augusto Coach
6 Vecchi Claudio Coach
7 Natale Gianni Preparatore Atletico
8 Baldi Massimo Fisioterapista
9 Dejana Oliver Medico
10 Mignola Vincenzo Team Manager

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