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Feb '09 21

Italian Winter League in Full Throttle on Sunday


The Italian Winter League will take big strides towards the playoffs this Sunday. The indoor league for youth players is going to have its last preliminary round tournaments. The playoffs at each stop take place on March 1st. One week later the national finale is scheduled for Bologna.

Winter League Emilia Romagna
Centro Universitario RECORD in Bologna
08:30 Carpi Clippers – Digitime Nuova Pianorese
09:40 San Lazzaro ’90 Bologna – Junior Parma
10:50 Mercadanti s.r.l. Crocetta Kids Parma – Carpi Clippers
12:00 Junior Parma – Mercadanti s.r.l. Crocetta Kids Parma

Winter League Tuscany
08:30 Cosmsos BSC – ASD Antella
09:40 Mastiff Arezzo – Junior Firenze BC Red
11:00 Junior Grosseto I – Pol. Padule
12:10 BSC Arezzo – Junior Grosseto I
13:30 Pol. Padule – Junior Firenze BC White

Scuola ITIS “Leonardo da Vinci” di via Volta in Viterbo
09:45 Nuova Roma II – Rams Viterbo
11:00 Grosseto III – Nuova Roma
12:15 Nuova Roma II – Grosseto II
13:30 Nuova Roma – Montefiascone
14:45 Grosseto III – Grosseto II
16:00 Rams Viterbo – Grosseto III
17:15 Grosseto II – Montefiascone

Winter League Veneto
PALAZZETTO Università scienze motorie Gavagnin Via Montelungo in Verona
09:30 Dynos Verona – Crazy Sanbonifacese
11:15 Cus Brescia – Palladio Vicenza
13:00 San Martino Junior A – Cus Brescia
14:45 San Martino Junior B – Dynos Verona
16:30 Palladio Vicenza – San Martino Junior A

Winter League Trofeo Cassa Di Risparmio Del Veneto
Palestra S.Pio X-Via Mozart in Rovigo
10:00 Godo – Castelfranco
11:00 Castelfranco – Marina Ravenna
12:00 Marina Ravenna – Godo
13:00 Castelfranco – Godo
14:00 Marina Ravenna – Castelfranco
15:00 Godo – Marina Ravenna

Official Website www.winterleague.it

Photo by www.winterleague.it

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