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Oct '09 08

Introduce your Ballpark at Mister-Baseball

Inspired by John Miller’s photo project My Field of Dreams and sites like www.iwasonthatbaseballfield.com or www.ballparks.com we would like to start a new series during the slow winter months. We’re encouraging Baseball clubs and fans throughout Europe to send us information and pictures of your ballparks and we are going to introduce them on Mister-Baseball.com. Just send an email to ballparks@mister-baseball.com with pictures and the following information about your stadium:

Distances (Left Field/Center Field/Right Field):
Teams, which play(ed) there:
Tournament History:
Location at Google Maps:

Important requirements for the pictures: At least one of the photos has to be a view from behind the backstop and pictures should exceed a width of 1,000 pixels.

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