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Mar '12 19

Interview with Petr Ditrich after CEB Congress

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Jakub Janda did a phone interview with Petr Ditrich, who suddenly became CEB President this weekend following the resignation of Martin Miller.

Jakub Janda: Mr Ditrich, you just got back to Prague from the CEB Congress. How did it go?

Petr Ditrich: I am back in Prague for three hours. I have attended many Congresses and I consider such occasions as immense and the only opportunities where all baseball countries are represented.

It is not only about formal meetings, there are also workshops and several commitees including various presentations. This year we celebrate 100 years of Dutch baseball federation so it is even more interesting.

Jakub Janda: How did the Dutch celebration impress you?

Petr Ditrich: Absolutely amazing. Bunch of people, wonderful clips, gorgeous celebration book. I percieved a huge level of interest and excitement of everybody, many guests took their part including speeches by Presidents of IBAF Riccardo Fraccari and ISF Don Porter. I would imagine that every national federation would love to enjoy such moments. That bursts my attentiom for the European Championship in the Netherlands this September.

Jakub Janda: Back to the official meeting – what happened?

Petr Ditrich: I see where you are going, I have also read an article on Mister-baseball.com. Many points went smoothly and quickly according to expectations.

I personally did not expect the non-approval of Statutes and mostly – the resignation of CEB President Martin Miller and Samuel Pelter, CEB Secretary General. According to rules I was supposed to take over chairman duties, so I expressed my thanks to both gentlemen in first few sentences and called for a break and Executive Committee meeting.

This was not an easy moment, we were looking for Statutes and by-laws. We got under strong time pressure since we had been invited for the Dutch celebrations. In all, we had 35 minutes to do someting what is usually prepared for a long time.

Jakub Janda: It was a sudden resignation, could you go deeper for what was a cause of such move?

Petr Ditrich: I did not expect it and nor anybody else, as far as I know. It was very spontaneous and I do not want to provide further comments. We will find a way how to thank them with the Executive Committee.

Jakub Janda: What direction will CEB go till the election at the Congress in Spring 2013?

Petr Ditrich: I want this period to be oriented for the future. We need to leave the past and find common grounds. There is a lot of problems but if we are open-minded and respect each other, we can achieve a lot. In a year period there cannot be huge expectations. We have to start to talk about structural changes but it will be only small piece of work that has to be done by newly elected Executive Committee.

Jakub Janda: So what is your next step?

Petr Ditrich: I want to talk to strong federations regarding their assistance to CEB. From the smalles ones I need to know their needs. We will strive for closer cooperation with IBAF and have a joint congress with ESF. There is a lot of work to do but I will have great colleagues and broad range of friends on baseball community.

Jakub Janda: Will you succeed?

Petr Ditrich: I will handle that. There is not much of a choice, I accepted the post of First Vice President and this responsibility is a part of the job. It will be a big year with a broad number of opportunities.

It is big challenge for me but also big responsibility.

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