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Jul '10 28

Interview with Frederic Hanvi, Minnesota Twins Organization

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Jakub Janda talked with French minor leaguer Frederic Hanvi of the Minnesota Twins organization who is playing in the Gulf Coast League right now.

Frederic HanviFrederic Hanvi

  • born May 2, 1989
  • French catcher for Minnesota Twins organization

Jakub Janda: Frederic, please, give us a few words on your baseball career.

Frederic Hanvi: My baseball career has been good for now. I have the chance to play professional baseball. Nothing could be more better than that

JJ: As a catcher in the professional system, do you work more on your defensive skills? What have you been working on the most?

FH: Since the season started I only played the outfield but when we were in extended I was catching. The others catchers and I worked most of the time on receiving the ball to get more strike being the plate and to show the pitcher they can have confidence in you. When you have a pitcher and a catcher can’t catch his breaking ball, it can’t work.

JJ: You were just the second player signed from the French baseball. Do you think there should be more people getting signed from France?

FH: Yes , I really think more players will get the chance to play in the US. A 17 years old catcher got signed like 3 weeks ago. It’s showing that players are working hard in France.

JJ: How did you get signed?

FH: It’s very simple. It was at the Junior European championship in 2007. Scout was there and I just try to do my best to show them that i can play pro ball and it work. After that, one came to see me in France and offer me a contract. Best day of my life.

JJ: Tell us about your 2009 and 2010 season.

FH: My 2009 season was quick. We had four catchers in the team so it’s hard to play one day and then wait 3 more days to play again. I should get more playing time this year so it will be better.

JJ: How did you like playing in Australia?

FH: I played in Australia in 2008 and it was good. I had a good season and it was fun to play with the team I played with.

Frederic Hanvi 2JJ: What are you plans for the future?

FH: My plan is just to keep working hard and to see what happen. If I get the chance to play at a higher level.

JJ: How do you like chances of the French team at the European Championship?

FH: I think that if France play good defense, we’ll have a good European Championship and get a place for the world cup. The team looks good to me.

JJ: Are you still going to participate at the European Championship of U21?

FH: I do not know yet about the European championship of U21. I know my coach talk to the Twins but I’m not sure about what they decide. For now I’m playing in the US and the Twins tell me that I should go to the Championship, I will.

Thank you.
Jakub Janda

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