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Jul '15 21

Interview with Dutch Minor Leaguer Misja Harcksen

Pietro Striano of an Italian Baseball Blog did an interview with Dutch minor leaguer Misja Harcksen of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Visit mlbitalia.it to read the full interview.

Gladly to have as our guest Mr. Harcksen from AZL Dodgers. First of all thank you a lot, i quickly go to my question. At which age you’ ve started playng baseball? How you knew this game? Where have you played it and Finally when you understood that baseball could become a work?


I was around 8-9 years old when I had my first baseball game. my father played baseball when he was young. and he still had his gloves and baseballs. so one day we went on vacation in spain. and my dad and I played some catch and I really liked it. so thats how baseball started for me. I’ve started my baseball career with the Saints in rotterdam. after the saints I played with the Rotterdam Unicorns. That is the farm system of Neptunus. And after that I’ve played for neptunus. and now im in the states.


This question sure is a curiosity for us, outside the pro world. How does the scouting process works for a potential prospect? For how long time do they “observed” you?


I’ve always wanted to go to America. to play baseball at this level. So when scouts where interested in me, that’s kinda the moment when I realized that I could make my hobby into a job. There are scouts at mlb camps and European championships so if a player performs well. They can offer you a contract.

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