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Jul '10 16

Interview with Boris Marche, Rouen Huskies

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Jakub Janda did another interview, this time with Boris Marche of the French Elite League club Rouen Huskies. The catcher also is a member of the French National Team and will take part in the upcoming European Championship.

Boris MarcheBoris Marche

  • 29 year-old catcher/third baseman
  • French national team member
  • Rouen Huskies – French Elite League

Jakub Janda: Boris, give us a brief look at your baseball career.

Boris Marche: I am playing for the Rouen Huskies for 13 years now. I played two years of junior college in California in 2001 and 2002. I am a member in the national team since 1999.

JJ: You debuted in the national team as an 18-year old, playing the French league since you 17s. Do you feel that this early career debuts has enhanced your baseball abilities, improved your talent?

BM: Yes, it really did because it is always good to play at more challenging level. I don’t consider myself as a talented player, I really believe that all the hard work built me as a player, and I am very proud of that.

JJ: In 2002 you played college ball in the USA. How was it like? Did it improve you as a player?

BM: I really did enjoy my time in the country where baseball is the national pastime. I learned the right way to play the game, giving 100% everytime I come to the field.

JJ: Do you feel more like a third baseman or as a catcher? What difference do you see between those positions?

BM: Catcher is my position, that is what I do better.

JJ: You have been working for the France 24 TV channel, providing analysis about MLB baseball. How did you get such a job, do you like that?

BM: France 24 just contacted last year through the president of our team. I really enjoyed doing that, watching the world series at 3 in the morning taking notes. That was a great experience.

Borismarche_pekinJJ: What do you expect of the French team at the European Championship? What would you consider a success?

BM: Our goal is to win every game we play. We’ll see the result at the end.

JJ: Please, give us an insight on French baseball scene.

BM: This year’s championship is tougher than it as been. We have better foreign players than last year. Teams like Montpellier and Savigny have improved and Rouen is again a very strong team.

JJ: What has been your baseball dream? Has it come through?

BM: My dream was as every player to play professionnal baseball. It hasn’t come through but baseball as brought so many good things in my life. The friends I met, the teammates, the competition, the travels… Baseball has been a big contribution for what I am now as a person and I feel really lucky that I am playing this wonderful game.

Thank you for your time.
Jakub Janda

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