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Oct '11 04

Invitation for International Indoor Baseball Tournament Vilnius Cup 2011

by BC Vilnius

When 28.12. – 29.12. 2011

Where Azuolyno 5, Vilnius, Lithuania

Director: Virmidas Neverauskas tel. +370 69999444 lietuvos.beisbolas@mail.lt
Assistant: Diana Pupininkiene, mail: dianapupi@gmail.com

Meeting Coaches meeting will be held on Tuesday at 8:00 PM at the Azuolyno 5, Indoor Soccer field

Rules Official Baseball rules with adjustments valid for minor leagues in CEB with the following additional adjustments: All matches except finals are limited by 50 minutes + completion of a started inning. Finals are limited by 60 minutes + completion. A match can end up in a draw!
*Score = (runs / innings at bat) – (runs received / innings in the field). Team can score max 5 runs in one inning (does not apply for semi-finals and the Finals).

Tournament plays 3 balls for a walk and 2 strikes for an out.

Bunt Attempt: The batter will be automatically out if the second foul ball after the first strike is the result of a bunt attempt. There is no limit on the number of foul balls that the batter may hit by swinging.

Pitching distance: 18 meters

Base distance: 26 meters

Tournament format and System

12 or 16 teams.
Four games will be played at the same time. 6 games guarantee for every team.
12 teams play in three groups with 4 teams. 2 best teams from each group will move on to play for 1-6 place, 2 groups with 3 teams. When the final game and the games for the other places.
16 teams play in 4 groups with 4 teams each. 2 best teams from each group will move on to play for the semifinal. Playoff games will be played in semifinal for final games.

Standings in a group will be decided on the following basis:
1. More points in total (win: 3 points, draw: 1 point, loss: 0 points)
2. More winnings from mutual face-offs
3. Higher score (see below)*
4. Ballot

Home and Guest are decided depending on the interim standings (first matches) and a ballot (all other matches).
*Score = (runs / innings at bat) – (runs received / innings in the field). Team can score max 5 runs in one inning (does not apply for semi-finals and the Finals).

Balls Wilson A 1217 Soft compression – provided by the organizer

Record Is taken by the Home team on a form provided by the organizer. Should be handed over to the referee immediately after the match, referee will check for completeness and accuracy and pass on for processing. The record can be provided in any, even very simplified, way – the organizer requires just correctly filled-in top part framed in bold (ie. team, runs, innings at bat, homerunners). Without these entries, the record cannot be accepted.

Players Acceptable years of birth are 1997 May 1 through 2000. Every team must have a line-up (can be sent by email before the tournament or handed in to the organizer before the first game of the team). In case a team has more players with the same name, please distinguish them in a unique way to ensure the accuracy of records and statistics.
All teams have to send rooster with names and birth dates of players a week before tournament. On the coach meeting team rooster and passports must be presented.

Umpires each team must have one umpire

Accommodation The organizer will make pre-bookings in tried and tested facilities. Binding reservations, payments, and related paperwork will be handled by the teams themselves. Contacts to accommodation facilities will be provided by Virmidas Neverauskas .The price including. Price for accomondation and food is about 15 EUR per person

Prizes Three best teams will receive medals at the closing ceremony(after the Finals), all teams will receive Cups (all provided and paid by the organizer). The best players will receive the individual prizes. (We kindly ask all teams to remain present until the closing ceremony.)

Medical service A Medical service will be available during the whole tournament. In case of need for a medical intervention, please contact the organizer.

Entry 50 euro

Additional every team can have practises in Vilnius BC batting cages for free

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