Hello, Campers,

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone’s softball season is well underway. Hopefully, everyone is having a fantastic season of softball!!! Unfortunately, this summer, just like all summers, will eventually come to an end. Of course, it will then be time for players to put away their bats, gloves, and spikes until next season. Coaches too will see their daily practice schedule’s and game-winning strategies come to a halt. No need to worry though because our annual ESCA Training Camp will once again provide player’s and coaches a wonderful opportunity to get in some additional training days in October. Last year’s inaugural camp was a great success, but for sure, this year’s version will be even better as we build upon the experience we gained from the 2017 version.

Here are just a few of the new idea’s we have planned for this October:

The “Shadow Coaches” will arrive a full day ahead of the players, receiving additional instruction and more empowerment for teaching and coaching during the week. They will be fully integrated into the program of instruction and provided more opportunities to do some teaching as well. Of course, they will be evaluated on a daily basis and will receive feedback from our Senior Instructors.

We have added additional indoor training facilities for the camp week. This will provide us with additional space (safety) as well as more flexibility within the daily program.

By expanding our indoor training facility, we will now have the chance to increase the number of competitive games we play. This will definitely be an advantage for both players and coaches to gain more knowledge under game conditions.

Another addition to the camp week will be the inclusion of more competitive moments. After training and skill sessions, players will be given the opportunity to “show off or demonstrate”  what they have learned by competing against other players. It goes without saying that prizes will be awarded to the winners!

We have also added a number of new evening activities, some softball oriented and some not. One of the last year’s camp highlights was seeing both players and coaches communicate and unite into one big softball family. Our goal is to create that “warm fuzzy feeling” once again!

Yes, we will have top level instructors at this year’s camp, some returnee’s, and some new faces. A new twist will be the addition of three to five professional players who will also serve as teachers for our players in either small group or one on one sessions. What better way to learn than from those athletes who are still skilled players themselves. Next month I will announce the 2018 instructors.

Finally, one area we do not plan on changing…..that being the theme of “getting better together”. Just like 2017, we are taking the approach that all of us are in this together, coaches and players hoping to improve our softball knowledge and our softball skills, while at the same time sharing the passion we all have for the sport of softball.

In closing, I hope to see you in October at this year’s ESCA Training Camp, remember before you know it, summer will be over. We are already far ahead of last year’s registration applicants at this same time, so don’t be late in registering.

Have a great season!


Craig Montvidas

ESCA Training Camp Director